Facial Exercises For Jowls – And The Way To Get Shot Of Them For Good!

In this article I should show in detail how to dispose of annoying jowls thru facial exercises!

You could be thinking how can simple ( and complicated ) face exercises really help to tone, target and sculpt this area of your face.

It is very easy truly, it works on the same beliefs that you would use if you were making an attempt to build, sculpt and tone any other area of your body…. Actually because the muscles in the face are much littler and even more isolated, many pros accept that this is precisely why these face exercises are so effective and produce such fascinating results in the first place.

So how can they get rid of your jowls in the first place, you could be wondering?

Well I will share a very simple exercise with you for helping to eliminate this precise irritating double chin area that SO many men are influenced by!

It’s because there is not little more annoying when you’re trying to pick up a hot girl at a bar or anywhere else for that matter, than the lingering thought of keeping your head straight and avoiding any unnecessary negative attention to your ‘double chin’ jowl area.

Now you want to be sitting in an upright position to start with. Next put your hands forcibly on your neck as if you are going to gag yourself ( but not really of course ) and your hands should be in the “X” cross position. Now, keeping your hands firmly planted into your neck like that, continue by pressing and then looking up towards the ceiling till you’re feeling your neck stretching and then hold it in that really tight position for approximately 30 to 45 seconds. Continue doing this for roughly 10-15 times each and each day.

Naturally you are going to want to consider watching your diet also and begin to eat more healthy options,eg simple chicken escallop and healthy veggies. This is the most “tum healthy” diet that I’ll suggest!

Continue doing the exercises and you need to see clear results within 5 to 7 days.

Naturally this is just touching the surface of face exercises for the removal of jowls!

You can also do more advanced face exercises for far better improvement of your double chin / jowl syndrome and even perhaps a rise in helping to gain that chiseled, male jawline you have always dreamed of!

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A Natural Face-lift Alternative: Remove Your Drooping Jowls

Drooping jowls are a sure indicator that the aging process is taking place. This flagging is because of the jaw line becoming fewer firms, which in its turn causes the skin to bend. When jowls start to sag it causes the shape of the face to modify and over time makes you appear older. This is why people get a face-lift. Although drooping jowls is a normal part of ageing, it does not mean that there isn’t something that can’t be done about it. One cure for that ugly sagging jaw line is a good old-fashioned natural face-lift massage.

Massage has been employed for hundreds of years as an anti age system and works as a natural face-lift to combat drooping jowls. Here is a fast and easy, 2 minute massage routine that will naturally reduce and even eliminate your flagging jowls. Do this twice each day.

Choose a Massage Oil

The very first thing you must do before your start your face-lift massage is select good massage oil. Make sure you choose oil that won’t cause irritation to your skin or cause any breakouts. The oil will make sure that you are really massaging your flagging jowls and not just pulling the skin.

Massage in Circles

Ensure your face has been totally cleaned prior to beginning the massage process. After selecting your massage oil, generously use it on your flagging jowls. Use the back of your wrists to forcibly massage your jowls along the jaw line and in the cheek area in a circular motion for one minute. Using the back or your wrists allows you to apply the correct amount of pressure in order for the massage to be most effective.

Massage Up

Once you’ve massaged in circles then you want to massage using an upward motion. Place the back of both wrists at the base of the jaw. Forcefully move up thru the cheeks, under the eye, out to the temples and then down the side of your face just in front of the ears down to the collarbone. The path along the side of the face that is just in front of the ears and leads down to the collarbone is the lymph trail. By following this trail you are ridding your face of waste and poisons that have built up in your drooping jowls. Repeat this process 3 times.

If you use this face-lift massage routine twice each day you will start to see your drooping jowls disappear and begin to look noticeably younger. This massage is a great natural alternative option to the conventional face lift.

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