IDG Contributor Network: 4 considerations for minimizing (or eliminating) your mean time to innocence

Your users are complaining: some system is down or slow. You need to determine if the problem is under your control or if the fault lies with a third party, such as your ISP or a SaaS provider. The time it takes to figure that out is your MTTI: “Mean Time to Innocence.”

At the recent O’Reilly Velocity show in New York City, my colleague, Phil Stanhope, talked about this topic. He pointed out a few important reasons why determining MTTI is so much more complex now than it was 10+ years ago. The Internet is increasingly complex and routinely experiences outages, instabilities, and attacks. While cloud providers, CDNs, and acceleration services may claim to be “always up,” that doesn’t mean that they’re “always reachable.” In fact, they are almost certainly experiencing a constant rate of low-level failure that is largely outside IT’s control and is still affecting users. Therefore, getting to MTTI is harder than ever.

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