5 Tips for Developing E-commerce Site Traffic and Community

As an online, retail ecommerce merchant, you know that product sourcing and finding the least expensive, quality supply outlets is important, but all too often we neglect means of developing a customer flow to our sites. As important as traffic to our business is, it is also necessary to develop repeat business, just as with a brick and mortar shop. There are numerous strategies for this, and in this article, I want to share 5 tips that I think are especially important.

Tip One: Social media is all the rage at this time, but social networking is here to stay. The use of social sites may not be right for every business, but every business owner needs to be aware of the presence and importance of social media and the part that it can play in business. I don’t want to suggest that you go out and create profiles on Facebook, linkedin, or Twitter just because they are there. However, if you are running an online ecommerce shop that relies on communication with customers and potential customers, you need to find out if sites such as these could be of use in funneling new and repeat business to your site. For example, if you specialize in one-off, hard to duplicate items of vintage clothing, a service such as Twitter might be of real value to your current and potential customers in letting them know the moment new items come into your shop. If part of your service involves delivery, Twitter could be useful in letting customers know when you will be in their area.

Tip Two: You can always offer a small chat area right on your homepage. This can be a great idea for those website operators who want to place the largest emphasis as possible on their online community function. It can however distract viewers from seeing other areas of your website, so be careful when setting your homepage up in this manner. The best thing to do is to create an easy link right to the chat or message area from the top half of your homepage. This allows the user to get right to the intended area.

Tip Three: Get links back to your site from ‘authority’ sites, such as directories, non-profit organizations, .gov sites, or high ranking .com sites. These will always help boost and stabilize your page rank. Google likes to decide what sites are important. A site has some huge credential for being a spectacular source for quality information will be appreciated more than sites that don’t have such strong affiliations with quality work and content. This will result in stronger, more heavily weighted links to and from this site.

Tip Four: There are many different ways of increasing the amount of traffic to your website, but most have one weakness in common, and that is you usually only get one chance to put your sales message in front of the customer. Autoresponders can be an invaluable resource in building a community base of buyers. An autorepsonder allows you to publish a newsletter you can send out to your list of visitors who sign up. In this way you have multiple opportunities to essentially ask your visitors to buy from you.

Tip Five: The key to developing better time management skills is to shift your focus from simply being busy to concentrating on accomplishing your goals. Many internet marketers spend each day working frantically only to accomplish very little. Concentrating on the wrong things is counterproductive and can cost you precious time and lead to a loss in profits. Many internet marketers regularly expend enormous amounts of energy and seem to achieve very little. You can stop procrastination and enjoy success in all your internet marketing ventures if you learn the appropriate time management skills.

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