Using Wholesale Suppliers To Source Your Online Store

Starting an ebay business or online store is a great way of supplementing your full-time income. It is now much easier to start a business on the internet but it is not entirely trouble free.

If you are currently running an online business you still need to put in lots of hard work to make your business profitable.

You will first need to decide which products you want to sell. Once you have decided on your product or product lines you will then need to find reliable wholesale sources. There are a few main options that you have available to you and we’ll quickly run through each of these before looking at why you might want to bulk buy wholesale.


A drop shipper is a type of wholesale company where you can order individual products. These products are not handled by you and all orders are dispatched to your customers by the dropshipper. This means that when your customers place an order you simply need to order the product from the dropshipper and give them your customers address.

There are many advantages to using a dropshipper mainly because you don’t have to hold any inventory or worry about shipping products. Using dropshipping services will also improve your cash flow, as you only pay the dropshipper after you have received funds from your customer.

When choosing a drop shipper you need to look for reliability and quality of service. A dropshipper will be the person who represents you. If your customer experiences delays in receiving their products then your business could suffer. Finding the right dropshipper could considerably boost the chances of business success.


Another option would be to source the products from china or wherever they are made by yourself. This is actually quite easy however unless you are going to be ordering huge volumes of stock then it’s not going to be worth your while.

You will also need to take care of shipping, transport and storage. Not to mention import duty and all the required legislation you must abide by.


Another more common option would be to bulk buy products from a legitimate and reliable wholesale source. Most wholesalers will import goods themselves, which means you can often negotiate very competitive prices and not worry about the importing process. You can also purchase smaller quantities than if you were to import.

Bulk buying products is the best way to save money and increase your profit margins. Drop shipping services are very flexible but you do pay a premium for them. A dropshippers prices will always be more expensive than a wholesalers because you are also paying for the service.

When buying products in bulk you need to ensure that you have enough warehousing space to store your products and enough cash to pay for them up front. This shouldn’t be a major problem as long as you have enough money to make the investment.

One of the biggest problems that many small businesses have with dropshipping is the lack of control. It’s often difficult to find out accurate stock levels from your drop shipper and this could lead to an unhappy customer if a high selling stock item is sold out.

Your reputation is also linked to the quality of your drop shippers service, if they fail you fail. If you use a regular wholesale supplier you remain in control of the whole process.

Finding legitimate Wholesale Sources can be difficult. For advice and guidance on the best Wholesale Source options available to you visit

Salehoo Review: How Good? Is This The Best Dropshipping Information?

With SaleHoo, Marc Ransom introduces you to eight thousand pre-screened wholesalers which include suppliers that have tight margins of profit. SaleHoo is one of the largest and safest wholesale communities on the web. It’s a place to find reliable wholesalers, liquidators, drop shippers and manufacturers of all sorts of goods.

When you are choosing a brand new supplier, numerous queries can and should come in your head. You concentrate on the new supplier’s credibility, quality of products, packaging, etc. SaleHoo has a 3-tier review system that permits you to read other people’s experiences with a supplier prior to you hand over your cash. There are three different systems of review.

SaleHoo reviews: SaleHoo purchases from suppliers without letting them know about it and leave its results on the supplier’s info page.

Independent reviews: A team of eBay power sellers from around the world buys on SaleHoo’s behalf, and add their reviews to the provider’s info page.

Member reviews: Members have the option to write reviews and provide ratings to suppliers also.

Regulars on the SaleHoo forum have been purchasing and selling online for many years, and their input can be beneficial for new comers. You are able to talk to other individuals in the forum and steer clear of spending money on goods that will not do well. If you have a plan and desire to discover what other individuals think of it you are able to take a look at within the forum and receive the actual observations of persons regarding it. There is a exceptional section in which people bring up their bad experiences and in addition forewarn you with regards to bad suppliers. Equally, there’s a section for the good suppliers as well.

If you don’t have the cash to purchase by yourself, you are able to partner up with other purchasers throughout the forum and get in mass. Further, Marc Ransom the community manager of SaleHoo is able to assist you with tricky experiences. He also takes care of dishonest suppliers and scammers that find their way to the forum.

The package comes with a number of bonuses on various aspects of the internet suppliers. You will have access to the SaleHoo Research Labs. These provide a good number of trend-spotting and market research tools. By utilizing these tools you are able to get the real facts on a product before spending anything.


SaleHoo’s 75,000 members have access to a wealth of information. The membership fee is reasonably priced and there is an eight week money back guarantee if you don’t desire to stay a member of SaleHoo for any reason. I will conclude this Salehoo review by stating the success of your Dropshipping business will be dependent to a huge degree on the quality of your suppliers, Salehoo provides the guidance in this most essential of areas.

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