The Intricate Process Of Setting Up A Website Involves Picking A Good Domain Name

Before you even visit a website, see the domain name. This makes it the most important element of a website and it should be taken into consideration when creating one.

Once you pick a domain name, you are stuck with it. Unlike other aspects of website design, domain names cannot be changed; you either stick with the one you originally had or you buy another one. Since domain names can be pretty expensive, selecting one can be a very painstaking process. No one wants to waste money, after all.

The domain name of your company’s website is almost as important as the company’s name itself. Customers will remember it the same way they remember the name of your company. It is a part of your brand and should not be taken lightly.

Since the two are so similar in importance, many people just use their company name as their domain name. Sometimes, your company name has already been used as someone else’s domain name; if this is the case, you can add something to your domain name, like a location.

Putting a location in your domain name is really not a bad idea. The Internet is huge, and it is easy for a small business to be swallowed up in the crowd of competitors. By incorporating your location into your domain name, you make it easier for people to find you using search engines.

The specificity of your domain name can make all the difference between driving a huge amount of traffic to your site and getting only a couple visitors a day. When developing your brand, you should always be mindful of techniques to improve and refine your target market.

Another thing you can try if your domain name has already been taken is adding My and The to your domain name. The likelihood of your particular name also being taken by somebody who put the or my in front of it is very low.

Building a website can be a pretty challenging venture. Use these tips to aid you in your process.

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Finding The Most Ideal Site To Join When Starting A Retail Company Over The Internet

Starting an e-commerce retail company can be quite overwhelming and you could be having some very important questions in your mind which you need to ask somebody. All you want to know is how to start, what products to deal in and how to obtain your wares.

One thing that can be quite useful is to refer to what is called a drop ship directory or the one known as wholesale directory listing on the internet. Here you will be able to search for the right products and suppliers. Although at first you might be quite confused since there are many sites with wholesale directory listing.

The best advice would be to for you to join a site that is best for your business, since each of the listed sites have significant information that you will need and each one of their features are quite unique. It is easy to see that not a single one will contain everything you need to know.

That is the exact reason why Worldwide Brands has been able to meet the needs of many traders, as it contains listing of up to 8 million products in its huge databank. They find it very useful to join this site because they offer a wide variety of products, a big list of wholesalers and suppliers to choose from.

The Worldwide Brands is also the kind of site that vets the applicants to the site to make sure they are the right kind of wholesalers, and not just the fly by the night type. This keeps the site full of only the suppliers and wholesalers that have been found to be genuine business people who can be trusted, makes it very safe and of high standards. They list all types of business people, like the drop shipping wholesalers, the light bulk, large volume, and instant import buying.

The Worldwide Brands is far ahead of its competitors in providing the best service that is trusted and is most popular as a drop ship directory site. The fee is not very high as now it has been reduced to accommodate the needs of its members.

This site is now viewed as the best because it has a huge databank and every one can access it at an affordable fee.

The only thing one can see as a disadvantage is the fact that they do not offer any grace period for the new entrants. Remember this is quite unnecessary, taking into account the fact that the fee is already quite low compared to what the others are charging.

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Pointers In Selecting A Great Domain Name For Online Business

When you are just starting with putting your business online, one of the hardest things that can be done is picking the right domain name. On one hand, you need one that is relevant to whatever it is that you are selling, but at the same time, it should also be one that will not put your company in a bad light.

There are few mistakes that a lot of people make that you can avoid if you read these suggestions that follow below:

The first thing that a lot of people do wrong is choose a name that is just too long. Nobody likes having to type long www. addresses, and keeping your name short and concise will increase your chances of people checking out your site.

Not only that, but the longer the name, the better the chances are that people will type in a wrong character and get directed to a different or non existent site. Simply put, the shorter your domain name, the better off your business will be in the long run.

Another pitfall is that people will create confusing domain names. A domain name is a lot like a vanity plat that you see when you’re driving on the highway. If you can read it and it makes sense, then it is a good plate. Same goes for your domain name.

The three C’s to remember are to make your domain name clear, concise and clever. But this takes some thought and tact too. You don’t want a name that will make your site the butt end of jokes either, so use good judgment.

One other big mistake that is common is the use of dashes in the domain name. These can be annoying, lead to typing errors, and they just do not reflect a business well. Try and limit your name to something that just has words.

If you have an online only business, than dashes are not a big problem, because most people will be clicking your link anyway, but otherwise, if someone doesn’t put the right dash in, or in the wrong place, they will be redirected somewhere else and never get to your site.

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Keyword Selection And SEO

Keyword selection and search engine optimization are important tools in producing and running a successful website. Before we continue talking about keyword selection and search engine optimization, I want to be certain that we all understand what the terminology is saying.

Keywords are the words chosen by you to define your site. They are the words that you hope to rank well for in Google. So, for example, if you want to have a web site selling ‘fashion’ – ‘fashion, fashionable, high fashion, haute couture’ may become your keywords (more on this later).

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is concerned with presenting your work – the web site and any text associated with it – in such a manner that search engines find it easy to crawl and index, which enables surfers to find you on the Internet.

Let’s use Google as an example of a search engine – after all, it is the biggest, most used and so most crucial. Google wants to present its users with the best results – that is, most relevant results – that it can for each keyword entered, in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Therefore it has built up an enormous database of which keywords are on which sites. Then ‘all’ has to do is rank the sites by popularity and, in theory, the most relevant websites ought to pop up for every keyword entered.

Now there is you, or me, with our dreams of a website on fashion. If you make ‘fashion’ your keyword, you will be taking on the colossal fashion houses and colossal department stores with their huge budgets and gigantic websites head to head. Who do you imagine is going to win?

It is a no-brainer. You will never even get to page 20 in Google search results. In short, you will have no business. But what if you used a long-tail keyword (LTKW) and focused your website? Say, use the LTKW ‘fashionable plus size black dresses’ and construct a web site on that. It might be a keyword that no one else has thought of.

This is why keyword selection is important and there are numerous books and articles written about it. It is a precise job, a bit of a slog, but some individuals, like me, actually enjoy it. Or you could automate the task.

So, that is the first stage: finding relevant keywords to your business so that you have a opportunity of being listed on the first page of Google for that keyword. The second stage is constructing your website search engine friendly so that Google can crawl it and index it for your keywords.

If you do not do this correctly, Google’s spiders will crawl off onto another web site and it may be a whilst before they come back, which leaves your web site in dead water.

This article is too short to go into this colossal subject in any worthwhile way, but I will strive to give you the most relevant pointers.

Keep your website targeted on a small range of products and define and use keywords for every item, but do not over use them. Do not repeat a keyword phrase only for the sake of it.

Make your internal links easy to find by using nav bars, menus and sitemaps.

Do not have loads of external links for your visitors to go off to, make your site interesting enough for surfers and spiders to want to remain there.

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