Leaked Microsoft document confirms Windows 10 Cloud and a Chromebook competitor

A Microsoft document detailing the minimum hardware specs for Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud-powered laptops seems to be the best evidence yet that Microsoft plans to launch a Chromebook competitor on May 2.

Windows Central obtained a “recommended minimum spec” document, presumably handed out to Microsoft’s partners. The document outlines what Microsoft hopes to achieve with what the document calls an “Edu Cloud device” (and industry watchers have dubbed “Cloudbooks”): all-day battery life, a quick boot and resume cycle, and at least a quad-core Intel Celeron processor powering it all. It’s also titled “Windows 10 Cloud Performance Targets,” confirming the name of the new OS.

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IDG Contributor Network: Oracle delivers document signing — a big win for HelloSign

It’s been many years since I had to physically sign forms. Since then, I have been an avid user of electronic document signing services, in particular HelloSign. I take great delight at electronically signing every form that I receive, even when the sender is adamant that electronic signatures are not sufficient. After all, once an electronic image of a signature has been placed on a document, and then rendered as a PDF, there is very little way to tell the difference between it and a physically signed and scanned document.

At the end of the day, I have an aversion to paper and always take advantage of services that allow me to do away with filing. (As an aside, a shout-out to Receipt Bank, which I use to scan all of my paper receipts and invoices — no longer do I have to spend time filing paper receipts away!)

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GRM Document Management Welcomes Clients to the New eAccess

eAccess GRM Document Management

“This new version,” said GRM Vice President, Ronen Grady, “provides a significantly refreshed eAccess system with enhanced navigation and improved feature functionality across the board, designed to make the overall experience more intuitive, convenient and productive. Our aim, with this upgrade, is to provide each and every one of our valued customers with an easier, less stressful and more effective way to access information, manage inventories, place orders and generate reports.”

Existing GRM customers can see all the enhancements for themselves by using their current eAccess credentials to sign in and take a tour now. Among the new features, users will find an enhanced navigation interface, a redesigned help manual, improvements to all functions and the latest information about GRM services. Also provided are language translation capabilities, a Scan-On-Request quick button, drop down menus and paperless invoice support for greater security and reduced office clutter.

Cloud based and powered by O’Neil software, the new eAccess continues to ensure compliance with the government regulatory mandates of today, enabling any business in any industry to easily set up a virtual record center on a computer desktop. With just a few clicks, an authorized user can locate an item, arrange pickups or deliveries and handle billing 24/7. The service even lets users generate and print customized reports on Inventory Add-Ons, Destruction Eligibility, GRM Invoices, Financial by Item Audit and Refiling.

“Additionally,” continued Grady, “eAccess enables inventory searches using key words, media type searches via date or sequence ranges, and the addition or removal of users based on department or job function criteria. I should mention, too that the system’s SaaS—Sof tware as a Service—architecture works in conjunction with other GRM offerings such as our VisualVault digital repository and our PrecisionPLUS barcode labeling/tracking service.”

GRM further supports eAccess users by providing labels, mobile barcode scanners and expert advice when and as needed.

All in all, as a portal for off-site inventories stored with GRM, eAccess is a time-saving, reliable tool for meeting a company’s information management needs. With the host of improved features now available through this update, it will continue to help GRM customers cut operational costs, improve productivity and supply chain efficiency, reduce waste and lower risk.

More About GRM

GRM Document Management is a leading provider of lifecycle records and information management solutions. The company continues to demonstrate technological leadership by bringing proprietary innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document storage, data protection, digital/electronic document management and certified destruction.

Fully integrated products and services include: eAccess remote inventory control, the VisualVault Online Record Center ECM platform, business process workflow automation, the industry’s most powerful eForms application tool, a blended paper to digital migration solution, medical Release of Information, the GRMpedia regulatory research tool and consultative Compliance/Governance expertise.

GRM’s full service capabilities are now available in 15 major markets throughout the U.S., including Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

GRM is also currently the largest document storage/records management company in China and recently opened international locations in Lima, Peru and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. For more information, visit the GRM web site at http://www.grmdocumentmanagement.com