Ford, Lyft will partner to deploy self-driving cars

DETROIT (Reuters) – Ford Motor Co said on Wednesday it will collaborate with Lyft to deploy Ford self-driving vehicles on the ride services company’s network in large numbers by 2021. Ford and Lyft teams will begin working together to design software to allow Ford vehicles to communicate with Lyft’s smartphone apps. Ford self-driving test vehicles […] Read more »

Edge computing: What you need to know before you deploy

I explained edge computing back in May, and how it’s related to cloud computing. But I continue to get questions on the use of edge computing, especially on whether should enterprises begin to use edge computing anytime soon.  To make that decision, there are three aspects of edge computing that you should consider: [ InfoWorld’s […] Read more »

OpenStack Now Offers 3 Ways To Deploy Containers

OpenStack’s Magnum Project will give cloud users the ability to deploy Docker containers in virtual machines, on bare metal, or in other containers. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:AOL Kills Off AIM, In Many Ways a Perfect ProductRackspace, OpenStack and the Multiplicity of CloudsEdge computing: What you need to know before you deployCan Amazon Disrupt More Markets? […] Read more »