Docker Enterprise now runs Windows and Linux in one cluster

With the newest Docker Enterprise Edition, you can now have Docker clusters composed of nodes running different operating systems. Three of the key OSes supported by Docker—Windows, Linux, and IBM System Z—can run applications side by side in the same cluster, all orchestrated by a common mechanism. [ What is Docker? Linux containers explained. | […] Read more »

MariaDB pops up on Azure with new cluster service

Companies interested in deploying the increasingly popular MariaDB open source database on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform now have an easy way to do so, thanks to a new offering provided through the Azure Marketplace.  Database administrators can deploy the new MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MaxScale fairly simply by finding it inside Azure’s storefront for software […] Read more »

With Cloud Dataproc, Google promises a Hadoop or Spark cluster in 90 seconds

Getting insights out of big data is typically neither quick nor easy, but Google is aiming to change all that with a new, managed service for Hadoop and Spark. Cloud Dataproc, which the search giant launched into open beta on Wednesday, is a new piece of its big data portfolio that’s designed to help companies […] Read more »