IDG Contributor Network: ZeroStack and Nimble get close to offering a converged infrastructure solution

Maybe I haven’t attended many legacy vendors’ conferences lately, but I haven’t seemed to have heard many converged infrastructure mentions recently. Go back a year or two and every legacy vendor under the sun (and every younger vendor wanting to partner or be acquired by a legacy vendor) was dropping the converged infrastructure moniker all […] Read more »

Up close with Amazon Snowball: Cloud migration for the data center

At the AWS re:Invent show, Network World’s Brandon Butler takes a closer look at the AWS Snowball offering. The ruggedized appliance helps enterprises migrate very large amounts of data to Amazon’s cloud. InfoWorld Cloud Computing Related Posts:Data center construction increases thanks to the cloudEnterprises can put Oracle’s entire public cloud in the data centerEnterprises can […] Read more »

‘Cloud-First’ To Close 5,000 Federal Data Centers By 2019

A GAO report on the federal government’s “cloud-first” policy cites past and future data center closures, suggests savings slow to materialize. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Data centers decline as users turn to rented serversIDG Contributor Network: Cloud war collateral: What the rise of AWS, Azure has meant for data centersUp close with Amazon Snowball: Cloud migration […] Read more »