High technology: How IT is fueling the budding cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is growing up, and it would be tough to imagine more convincing proof than Microsoft’s recent announcement that it’s getting involved.

Though the software giant will stay very much in the background — its role will focus primarily on providing Azure cloud services for a compliance-focused software push — the move is still widely viewed as a telling sign.

“Having them come out and say, ‘we’re willing to have our name in the same sentence as the word cannabis,’ adds to the legitimacy of our industry,” said Kyle Sherman, cofounder and CEO of software maker Flowhub.

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Cannabis as a Service: The cloud goes up in smoke

Every day I get literally dozens of pitches from companies who are selling or using cloud services. But this one stuck out.

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The subject line was “Cloud technology merging with marijuana could mean big changes.” The pitch: an online cannabis website is taking advantage of cloud computing services.

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eCann, Inc. is a platform that empowers people to seamlessly and legally transact the business of Cannabis. With a portfolio of over 1,500 of the very best Cannabis related domain assets, eCann creates, brands, and brings to market revolutionary Cannabis-focused technology enterprises. Their businesses range from lifestyle/media to digital marketplaces, to ecommerce and industrial technology. eCann, Inc.’s goal is to build the largest, all encompassing, and most ubiquitous Cannabis platform in the world; to help all Cannabis businesses create a digital presence and thrive by implementing cutting edge marketing practices, analytics, and infrastructure. Their use of the cloud has allowed them to have an edge over other companies that are stuck using paper.

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