How the Cloud Can Help Cure Cancer

The experience of Angelina Jolie highlights how cloud computing can help address cancer by cutting the cost of genomic sequencing and enabling data sharing. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Microsoft’s new tools help devs manage cloud deployments on the goDo you trust your cloud provider? Addressing these questions will help put you at easeOracle asked to help […] Read more »

Ballmer: Linux No Longer A Cancer

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who infamously once declared Linux a “cancer,” has now had a change of heart and applauded the company’s latest moves to embrace the open source platform. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:How the Cloud Can Help Cure CancerDocker Enterprise now runs Windows and Linux in one clusterWhat is Docker? Linux containers explained3 […] Read more »

Intel to pilot cloud technology for sharing personalized cancer treatment

At 19, Eric Dishman began a fight with kidney cancer, and for 23 years he endured what he described as Russian roulette chemotherapy. It wasn’t until he had his DNA sequenced that doctors were able to administer a personalized treatment that placed Dishman’s cancer into remission. The problem is, even after his genome was uncovered, […] Read more »