Is This New Software Worth It To The Entrepreneur?

Creating automatic websites and multiple streams of income on auto-pilot, Speedlings is said by other’s to be the first of its kind for Internet Marketers.

It is designed to create websites in just seconds that are monetized and built in a way that drives traffic. From the start of the company it was questionable as to how successful it would be. Since most businesses will not reach goals in their first year, Speedlings did not expect that it would reach its goal. Surprisingly, in less than a year, though, Speedlings surpassed that goal. Based on these results, more time was put into Speedlings to make it better and a newer version is being released January 2011. With technology changing rapidly and with search engines changing their algorithm, software programs like these need constant attention.

The program was designed to create the sites in under five minutes and when you see live demonstrations across the world, they show that it takes less than a minute for the site to be set up. Of course, this is someone who knows the software. If you include the time is takes to choose your domain based on the topic you enter into the domain, then it could take longer. It appears to be a fast process and while it is simple to use for the savvy marketer, a newbie may find it to be challenging. To make it easier, the software recommends your most effective domain for your topic SEO purposes.

It’s possible to build multiple sites in one day or just have the goal of one site a day for over 300 sites by the end of the year. Based on the amount of time the user has, the amount of sites they want to build will be relative.

It starts you from choosing a topic, it then gives you a list of suggested domains. After buying a domain, you click a button and the site is automatically generated. You can choose alternate templates if you wish. The more time you put into creating the sites, the greater the potential profits.

Speedlings does offer support and coaching and mentoring programs for those who really might want to turn this into a complete full time operating business. One thing to note is that aged sites hold much more value than new sites. It would be well worth the time to create the sites and let them age, while you create new ones. It’s a way to create a residual income without having to monitor every day.

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