IBM adds API tools to Bluemix serverless framework

Nearly every major cloud now offers a serverless computing option: AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk, to name a few. APIs are a common use case for serverless, but few people want to build APIs on a system that doesn’t provide higher-order management functions for them. To read this article […] Read more »

IBM brings Bluemix behind the firewall for sensitive workloads

IBM’s Bluemix development platform is already available in public and hosted private cloud versions. On Thursday, the company announced a third option for customers that need to build apps behind a firewall. Called Bluemix Local, it adds new hybrid cloud app-development capabilities, giving enterprises the ability to build apps securely and deploy them easily across […] Read more » Brings Agile Intelligence to IoT via IBM BlueMix

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 25, 2015, a division of Flow Corporation, today announced that the internet of things platform is now directly available on IBM Bluemix. The company also announced a series of platform enhancements, including interactive visual tooling and analytics, which dramatically decrease the time-to-market and costs associated with […] Read more »