The father of Google Apps and Chrome OS has a new vision — and it revolves around Android

Rajen Sheth is used to being ridiculed. He’s also used to being vindicated. Sheth has been the driving force behind some of Google’s most crazy-seeming product pivots — first the advent of Google Apps, which asked enterprises to leave the long-standing comfort of Office for services like Docs and Gmail, and then the launch of […] Read more »

Office 365 Updates Add Machine Learning To Apps

Microsoft is infusing more of its machine learning into Office 365 and adding in greater capabilities into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Google’s Machine Learning Buy, Alteryx Updates: Big Data RoundupGoogle Makes Machine Learning Available To Enterprise ITNadella points to machine learning as battleground in cloud computingThe method behind Google’s machine learning madnessMicrosoft […] Read more »

Open source tool manages AWS Lambda apps

A new open source project from Express and Node.js-canvas creator TJ Holowaychuk lets developers create, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions from a command-line tool. Apex, written in Google’s Go language, also makes it possible to run applications in languages not directly supported by AWS Lambda, such as Golang itself. [ Thinking of striking out on your […] Read more »

Amazon discovery service marks on-premises apps for assimilation

Sometimes the hardest part of performing a cloud migration is figuring out what has to be migrated in the first place. That’s one idea behind Amazon’s now generally available AWS ADS (Application Discovery Service), which polls existing on-premises systems and determines what apps they’re running as a prelude to migration. Originally announced in April, ADS is […] Read more »

New AWS service helps companies to move their apps to the cloud

A new Amazon cloud service announced Tuesday could help companies with legacy applications have an easier time taking the leap to the cloud.  Amazon Web Services General Manager Matt Wood announced the new Application Discovery Service, which will allow companies to easily analyze legacy applications running on their data centers. It will help companies start […] Read more »

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10 Windows 10 represents a bifurcation of sorts in the free Windows tool ecosystem. Thanks to “Universal Windows Programs,” recommending an essential toolkit of free Windows apps isn’t so universal anymore. Folks opting to stick with Windows 7 and 8.1 will have their own set of must-have free tools, […] Read more »

Microsoft pitches developers on building apps for Office users

Microsoft Executive Vice President Qi Lu had an interesting pitch for developers Thursday: Build applications that use data from Microsoft Office. Microsoft’s crown jewel for building apps that integrate with Office is its Graph set of APIs, which let developers build applications that know how users work with one another. Lu, speaking at the company’s […] Read more »

Moving to the cloud? First choose the right apps

Most enterprise IT shops have more than 1,000 applications they must understand or relearn before moving any of them to the cloud. You simply can’t move your apps en masse. Why? Because some workloads make sense for the cloud, and some do not. Here’s my guide on how you can assess which are good candidates […] Read more » buys developer of quoting and billing apps for SMEs

If you can’t beat them, buy them: is snapping up SteelBrick, a startup that builds quoting and billing functions for SMEs on the Salesforce cloud platform. Apps built natively on the platform allow customers to add functionality to their CRM systems with fewer integration hassles than they might face with software hosted elsewhere. […] Read more »

IBM, Apple Deliver 100-Plus Enterprise iOS Apps

IBM announces that its partnership with Apple has yielded more than 100 IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Apple iWork Refresh Updates iOS 9, OS X 10.11 AppsApple Reportedly Fires Engineer After Daughter Posts iPhone X Video'Anemic' iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lowerLatest Apple Park Drone Footage Shows Basketball and Tennis CourtsThis […] Read more »

Why monolithic apps are often better than microservices

Sinclair is CEO and cofounder of Apprenda, a leader in enterprise Platform as a Service. With all of the talk these days about microservices and distributed applications, monolithic applications have become the scourge of cloud systems design. Normally, when a new technical trend emerges to replace a previous one, it is due (at least in part) […] Read more »

Apple iWork Refresh Updates iOS 9, OS X 10.11 Apps

Apple’s new support and features for the iWork suite of apps refine usability. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Office 365 Updates Add Machine Learning To AppsApple Reportedly Fires Engineer After Daughter Posts iPhone X Video'Anemic' iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lowerLatest Apple Park Drone Footage Shows Basketball and Tennis CourtsThis Time It Matters: Why Apple Is […] Read more »

Why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365

Microsoft’s increasingly strong Office 365 performance is coming partly at the expense of Google Apps. Motorola’s recent decision to move from an elderly version of Office to Google’s cloud service bucks the more common trend of companies who have been using Google Apps switching to Office 365. It’s not just Microsoft saying that Office 365 […] Read more »

Salesforce Expands Data Analytics to Next Generation Business Apps

In many popular consumer applications a user can take immediate action if he has obtained important information from large amounts of data. For business applications, it appears that, directly taking action in response to a data analysis not so easy. This often occurs because the analysis may be not coming from relevant data sources or […] Read more »

Office 365 Tops Business Cloud Apps, Study Finds

Microsoft Office 365 is the most frequently deployed business app across the globe, according to a report that studied 4,000 of-the-shelf cloud-based products. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:IDG Contributor Network: Future-proof your business with cloud ERPIDG Contributor Network: Future-proof your business with cloud ERPIDG Contributor Network: Future-proof your business with cloud ERPIDG Contributor Network: Future-proof your […] Read more »

Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on moving legacy apps to the cloud

ITworld/Steve Sauer To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story) InfoWorld Cloud Computing Related Posts:AWS offers Alexa developers free cloud creditsGoogle offers new ‘Always Free’ cloud tier to attract usersGoogle offers new ‘Always Free’ cloud tier to attract usersMongoDB adds free tier and migration utility to its […] Read more »