Wal-Mart tests direct-to-fridge; Amazon ups restaurant game

(Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc is testing a service to stock groceries directly to customers’ refrigerators as it seeks to take on e-commerce giant Amazon.com. The delivery of groceries and meal kits is emerging as the next frontier of competition among retailers. The world’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailer said on Friday it is partnering with August […] Read more »

Amazon joins Kubernetes-focused CNCF industry group

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, created to promote and develop technologies like Kubernetes and core components of the container ecosystem spawned by Docker, welcomed Amazon Web Services into its fold this week. Amazon comes on board as a top-level (“platinum”) member. According to Amazon’s Adrian Cockcroft, now a member of the CNCF’s governing board, containers are […] Read more »

Amazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate Where It Wishes

If Amazon expands into food delivery, it will obtain a treasure of consumer information that it can use for its next expansion. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Up close with Amazon Snowball: Cloud migration for the data centerDropbox quits Amazon cloud, takes back 500 PB of dataAmazon just made it easier to get data OUT of its […] Read more »

Can Amazon Disrupt More Markets? Let Me Count the Ways

Amazon may be poised to enter the pharmacy as well as grocery business; it trains customers to expect quick delivery. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Amazon targets compliance-driven marketsWorld Economic Forum Says Tech Firms Must Do More to Tackle ExtremismFacebook says will make ads more transparentElon Musk Reveals More Details About His Plan to Colonize MarsAOL Kills […] Read more »

Review: Amazon QuickSight covers the BI basics

When I reviewed self-service exploratory business intelligence (BI) products in 2015, I covered the strengths and weaknesses of Tableau 9.0, Qlik Sense 2.0, and Microsoft Power BI. As I pointed out at the time, these three products offer a range of data access, discovery, and visualization capabilities at a range of prices, with Tableau the […] Read more »

After Amazon outage, HealthExpense worries about cloud lock-in

Financial services companies as popular targets of cybercriminals for the obvious reason — they’re where the money’s at. And health care companies have medical records, which are very valuable on the black market since the information there can be abused in so many ways, and doesn’t expire. HealthExpense, which provides health care payment services to […] Read more »

Inscrutable Amazon Bill: Behind It, a $1 Million Savings

When Segment found its AWS bill going up unexpectedly, it did a deep dive to find the cause and realized a $ 1 million annual savings. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Larry Ellison says Amazon is ’20 years behind’ OracleLarry Ellison says Amazon is ’20 years behind’ OracleRide hailing firm Grab secures up to $700 million in […] Read more »

How to find, view, and delete everything the Amazon Echo and Google Home know about you

Has Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Google Home taken up residence in your home? If not, you’re probably at least considering adding one of these digital helpers. They are supremely useful after all, providing assistance with everything from weather forecasts to smart-home control. All you need to do is ask. To read this article in full […] Read more »

Want to run your own Amazon ‘region’? Stratoscale shows you how

Stratoscale is a small company with a very big ambition: to turn your datacenter into an Amazon Web Services (AWS) region. Forget OpenStack, forget VMware. Stratoscale aims to help IT shops get beyond device-level virtualization and deliver the same app-friendly building blocks AWS provides. In the process, the company promises to cut the cost of […] Read more »

Oracle outlines plans to take on Amazon in cloud

Oracle executives on Tuesday revealed the results of years’ worth of engineering and development efforts on its IaaS public cloud and announced a new bare metal cloud database service and an international geographic expansion. Oracle is typically not considered one of the top IaaS public cloud leaders, but the company has hopes of competing in […] Read more »

The top 14 products featuring Amazon Alexa integration demoed at CES

Alexa is everywhere Image by Ford Being cloud based, Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant isn’t limited to Amazon’s own Echo hardware. In fact, she was all over CES last week, in products ranging from home appliances to automobiles. Some devices come with Alexa inside, while others respond voice commands from your Echo hardware. To read this […] Read more »

Amazon CTO Vogels: ‘We’re in the pain management business’

At AWS ReInvent, Werner Vogels looks back on how Amazon Web Services got to where it is, and where it’s going next. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Public Relations Tips To Get The Word OutCan Taking on Debt Help Your Business? It Depends When You Use it6 Rules You Must Know for Using SEO and SEM to […] Read more »

FINRA Commits Mission-Critical App To Amazon Cloud

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority moved its key market surveillance functionality onto EC2 in 2014, and is making plans to migrate the Oracle database it uses for registration from an internal data center to an AWS service. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:After Amazon outage, HealthExpense worries about cloud lock-inOracle outlines plans to take on Amazon in […] Read more »

Up close with Amazon Snowball: Cloud migration for the data center

At the AWS re:Invent show, Network World’s Brandon Butler takes a closer look at the AWS Snowball offering. The ruggedized appliance helps enterprises migrate very large amounts of data to Amazon’s cloud. InfoWorld Cloud Computing Related Posts:Data center construction increases thanks to the cloudEnterprises can put Oracle’s entire public cloud in the data centerEnterprises can […] Read more »

Larry Ellison says Amazon is ’20 years behind’ Oracle

Larry Ellison continued his assault on Amazon during his second keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld on Tuesday. “Amazon Web Services are simply not optimized for the Oracle Database. I’ll go further than that: Amazon Web Services aren’t optimized for their own databases either, as you will see,” he said, while displaying a set of benchmarks […] Read more »

Larry Ellison says Amazon is ’20 years behind’ Oracle

Larry Ellison continued his assault on Amazon during his second keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld on Tuesday. “Amazon Web Services are simply not optimized for the Oracle Database. I’ll go further than that: Amazon Web Services aren’t optimized for their own databases either, as you will see,” he said, while showing off a set of […] Read more »

$29 for This Premium 4-Course Training on Amazon Web Services- Deal Alert

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is the premier cloud computing platform that services companies worldwide. Master this in-demand platform, and you’re certain to command a hefty paycheck. Unsure where to start? The AWS Mastery Bundle is a 4-course bundle certain to make you an authority on all things AWS–and turn you into a certified cloud […] Read more »

Hudl Sports Video Analysis Service Grows Fast On Amazon

Fast-growing Hudl provides coaches and athletes with key feedback based on its customers’ video uploaded to the cloud. Like many other startups, the company relies on Amazon Web Services for its backend support. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Amazon discovery service marks on-premises apps for assimilationAmazon brings Microsoft users into AWS with Active Directory serviceAmazon brings Microsoft […] Read more »

Facebook’s beefing up its huge army of Messenger bots as Google and Amazon catch up

The bot revolution is happening fast for Facebook. After launching third-party bots in April offering everything from forecasts to your boarding pass, the social network says there are now more than 11,000 bots active on Facebook. To celebrate, Facebook is adding a bunch of new features that could show up on your favorite bots soon—if developers […] Read more »

Microsoft and Amazon look to scoop up SAP workloads headed to the cloud

As SAP holds its annual Sapphire Now user conference in Orlando this week, two of the leading IaaS providers are making the case for running SAP apps on their public clouds. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined SAP CEO Bill McDermott during the Sapphire keynotes on Tuesday to announce a broad partnership between the two companies […] Read more »

Amazon discovery service marks on-premises apps for assimilation

Sometimes the hardest part of performing a cloud migration is figuring out what has to be migrated in the first place. That’s one idea behind Amazon’s now generally available AWS ADS (Application Discovery Service), which polls existing on-premises systems and determines what apps they’re running as a prelude to migration. Originally announced in April, ADS is […] Read more »

Amazon Alexa Now Tracks Flights, Plans Trips

The Kayak travel search engine is now accessible on Amazon’s Alexa to let users search for and track flights. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Oracle outlines plans to take on Amazon in cloudThe top 14 products featuring Amazon Alexa integration demoed at CESSonos One Review: Amazon's Alexa Is Here, But It Still Has Some Growing Up to […] Read more »

Massive growth shows why Amazon is the public cloud leader

Amazon showed off its dominance in the public cloud market on Thursday as the capstone to a better than expected quarterly earnings report. Revenue from Amazon Web Services during the first quarter of 2016 was up 64 percent year-over-year, showing the big money that’s still out there as companies invest more and more in the […] Read more »

What is Amazon cloud’s Lambda and why is it a big deal?

In an interview with Matt Wood, Chief product strategist at Amazon Web Services, one thing that stuck out was how big of an emphasis he placed on AWS Lambda. Many people probably don’t know what Lambda is, or why it’s important. But Wood says it could usher in a new era of application development and cloud-based […] Read more »

Amazon warning: Got a pre-2013 Kindle? You must update, or else!

Do you have an older Amazon Kindle? Beware that it may lose its connection to the cloud unless you update it today or tomorrow — otherwise, you’ll need to fiddle with USB cables, and ain’t nobody got time for that. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make like Sweet Brown. Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits […] Read more »

Dropbox quits Amazon cloud, takes back 500 PB of data

Dropbox moves 90% of its data off Amazon AWS, in favor of its own private cloud. Dropbox built its own, custom storage servers, to store half an exabyte or more, mirrored across three regions. Sometimes, you get so big that public cloud pricing doesn’t make sense any longer. But building those servers from scratch and […] Read more »

Listen… Amazon Kindle Fire encryption was pointless anyway, so chill

Amazon does a U-turn over encryption on the Kindle Fire (and other toys using the Android-derived Fire OS). In a one-line PR statement, Amazon says encryption will come back to the suspiciously-cheap units in the springtime. Really, so what? Amazon was probably correct when it said users didn’t want the feature. Because of the painfully weak […] Read more »

Amazon Kindle Fire fail: Don’t buy these useless tablets (and Wintergatan)

Amazon.com comes under fire for disabling encryption on Kindle Fire tablets, and other toys that use the Android-fork Fire OS 5. Since the “quiet” change, the devices can no longer encrypt the data stored in them. Cue: Tedious comparisons with Apple. When asked, Amazon PR explained users didn’t care for the feature. Perhaps that had […] Read more »

Amazon targets compliance-driven markets

Heavily regulated industries with lots of regulation compliance rules, such as healthcare and finance services, have found the cloud to be a bridge too far, since they had such strict controls over data, where it resided and how it was protected.  Late last year, Amazon sought to fix that issue with its Amazon Web Services […] Read more »

Amazon just made it easier to get data OUT of its cloud

One of the under-the-radar announcements at Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent cloud conference last year was the announcement of Snowball. It’s a box the size of a small suitcase filled with storage drives. Amazon will ship you one, customers can load it up, then send it back to Amazon and upload data 50 terabytes at a […] Read more »