MIT is dragging hard-wired network chips into the agile era

Cloud computing is changing the demands on networks more quickly than ever. Now researchers say it’s possible to program routers all the way down to their packet-forwarding chips in the quest to keep up.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and five other organizations have found a way to make data-center routers more programmable without making them slower. This could allow enterprises to take advantage of new traffic and congestion management algorithms without replacing their routers.

The project takes SDN (software-defined networking) beyond the control plane, where things like configuration are handled, and into the data plane that actually forwards packets. Now programmers can change how the network decides which packets to send and which to keep in a buffer, for example. Eventually, that might mean deploying networks with fewer routers.

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Cloud will make U.S. immigration agency more agile

Improving the delivery of services to citizens has been one of the driving goals of government IT reform, in particular as consumers seek out more services through agency websites or applications.

At the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, CIO Mark Schwartz is helping lead an overhaul of the way the agency approaches software and application development

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Network World Cloud Computing Brings Agile Intelligence to IoT via IBM BlueMix, a division of Flow Corporation, today announced that the internet of things platform is now directly available on IBM Bluemix. The company also announced a series of platform enhancements, including interactive visual tooling and analytics, which dramatically decrease the time-to-market and costs associated with developing IoT applications.

Delivered on-demand as a cloud-based service from IBM Softlayer, provides the kind of advanced event processing and protocol support that are traditionally found in far more expensive, less nimble legacy systems. The company is focused on providing IoT developers all the tools necessary to simply create intelligent data workflow.

“Our latest wave of updates addresses several aspects of our vision of empowering innovators and ecosystems in the IoT space,” described co-founder and CTO, Tom Luczak. “First, tools and protocol support shorten the existing cycle of ideation, creation and deployment for solution creators. Second, the things we are doing with data aggregation within a real-time context open up a new category of capabilities that enable developers to quickly and easily transform and enhance data-in-motion as it flows between services, applications and devices.”

IBM Bluemix provides developers a way to deploy the platform alongside a host of supporting IBM IoT and analytics products.

“Using developers literally flow data between devices, services, and applications while executing processing rules that create actionable intelligence,” said Mac Devine, VP & CTO Networking and Innovation Services, IBM Cloud Division. “Because it’s available on-demand as a Bluemix service, can also connect data to and from any number of IBM analytics and IoT solutions, including Watson.”

Next generation IoT applications have sophisticated requirements that demand simple, secure and scalable solutions. With, developers can quickly create applications that deliver actionable information by blending data from numerous sources—streaming data from the IoT world, enterprise data stores and third-party services.

“Orchestrating data-in-motion with event processing is a core requirement for IoT applications,” said Flow Corporation CEO Eric Alterman. “Customers can deploy their IoT applications in days, not months, without standing up a single server. Easily combining real-time device data streams with existing enterprise and public data sources is how delivers what we call agile intelligence.” is built on a micro-services architecture that separately scales all core processes to ensure predictable performance off-the-shelf, regardless of deployment requirements. Another core differentiator is granular stream access rules that ensure data-level security even when many developers, device types, and data owners are engaged within the same IoT ecosystem or “data exchange”, which is often the case with industrial IoT applications. is also pleased to announce the issuance of its second patent associated with real-time data processing for IoT-related applications. The patent is related to use cases where real-time data is enhanced by previously stored data. “We’ve been focused on IoT much longer than most startups in the market, which allowed us to create some very fundamental IP,” said Eric Alterman. “We are a technology-first company, but establishing a strong intellectual property portfolio is an important component of our strategic plan.”

The platform is available directly at and via IBM Bluemix.

About empowers any developer or organization to leverage the growing instrumentation of the physical world in order to build IoT solutions that surprise with their intelligence, contextual awareness and effectiveness in both operations and end-user experiences.

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