IBM adds API tools to Bluemix serverless framework

Nearly every major cloud now offers a serverless computing option: AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk, to name a few. APIs are a common use case for serverless, but few people want to build APIs on a system that doesn’t provide higher-order management functions for them. To read this article […] Read more »

MongoDB adds free tier and migration utility to its cloud service

NoSQL database specialist MongoDB unveiled a new free tier for its MongoDB Atlas database-as-a-service (DaaS) offering on Tuesday. The company also released a utility to support live migration of data to MongoDB Atlas, whether that data is on-premise or in the cloud. [ Related: 9 MongoDB success stories ] “Since we first introduced MongoDB to […] Read more »

MariaDB adds support for big data analytics

MariaDB today moved to unite transactional and analytical processing in a single relational database with the announcement of the general availability of its open source MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0. “What we’re offering is a single SQL interface for both OLTP and analytics,” says David Thompson, vice president of Engineering at MariaDB. “MariaDB ColumnStore is the future […] Read more »

Skyhigh Networks adds threat protection and data loss prevention capabilities to the cloud  

This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices.  Click here to subscribe.   Every time I read the quarterly Cloud Adoption & Risk Report published by Skyhigh Networks, I come across some tidbit of information that truly surprises me. What is it in the Q4 2016 report that has me so […] Read more »

AWS Lambda adds C# support

AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services’ event-driven compute service in the cloud, is adding support for Microsoft’s C# language. Using the .Net Core 1.0 runtime, developers can build AWS Lambda functions using C#. “The easiest way to get started is with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, which includes project templates for individual C# Lambda functions, […] Read more »

AWS Expands Database Migration Service, Adds Replication

At the Amazon Summit in Santa Clara this week, General Manager Matt Wood explained how much Amazon’s Database Migration Service is being used and how the company is adding more resources for data migration. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:MongoDB adds free tier and migration utility to its cloud serviceOracle’s Hurd, AT&T’s Donovan on their massive cloud […] Read more »

Intralinks adds security layers for high value content collaboration using SharePoint and other systems  

This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices.  Click here to subscribe.    Recently I was engaged by a large corporation for a writing project to support a product launch. This project had a small team of people who needed to collaborate on developing some promotional materials using content that had […] Read more »

Microsoft adds new security enhancements to its cloud offerings

Microsoft is adding a range of new security management and reporting features to its Office 365 and Azure cloud services as part of the company’s holistic approach to enterprise security announced last year. In April, the company will release a new product called Microsoft Cloud App Security that will allow customers to gain better visibility, […] Read more »

Amazon Adds ‘Scheduled’ Reserved Instances To Server List

Amazon Web Services has created what it calls “Scheduled Reserved Instances,” a variation to its low cost Reserved Instances, which is scheduled to run at specific times. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:How to bet on AWS Reserved Instances — and winAmazon adds managed NAT gateways to Virtual Private CloudToshiba shares to be removed from special watch […] Read more »

Amazon adds managed NAT gateways to Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud has long made it possible to partition a hunk of AWS with a private network of its own, complete with a VPN connection for secure access. But setting up a VPN to access the Internet is drudgery, since connections to and from VPC have to be mapped with network address translation (NAT) […] Read more »

Google Compute Engine adds bigger VMs, autoscaling

Google Compute Engine, the company’s IaaS cloud computing offering, got a face-lift today with the announcement that new autoscaling features and 32-core VMs would be available to the general public. Autoscaler, according to an official blog post, is the same system that Google itself uses to dynamically scale the number of VMs being used by […] Read more »