Strategies on How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Have you ever experienced defamation of character in cyberspace? Has somebody ever made a statement and tried to taint your reputation? Have you encountered former employees from your company, ex-customers, or competitors who have said libelous statements against you, or your brand? So how can you possibly manage online reputation?

When you’re going to do online reputation management, you must first determine what kind of defamation has been done to you. The gravity of the offense may vary, but there are two kinds of defamation of character. They are slander and libel. Slander is an offense made by speaking accusatory statements through spoken or broadcasted media. Meanwhile, libel is defamation done on print or any other stationary medium.

Now that we have defined the possible offenses people can do to you, we now have to know the strategies we can use to manage online reputation.

For starters, you could wait until all that negative publicity stops. They would eventually settle after some time. And while they are settling down, their search engine rankings may go down, lessening their visibility. The time that you have to wait will have to depend on how much libelous statements were disseminated on the net. More statements would mean more time. However, this won’t be advisable for those whose reputation is really damaged, for the small fire can quickly turn into a forest fire.

If you want to file a lawsuit, you need to make sure you have enough time, money, and a whole lot of guts as you will take the battle to the high courts. But this option has its drawback. While you may have a winning streak on hearings, you are losing the online battle itself. Your competitors who have more free time may be making more negative publicity which can further dissuade potential customers. Not to mention, you’ll also lose more time and money than you could have when you were just doing the damage control yourself.

There is also a more cost-effective route. Tap into a company with expertise on online reputation management. They have the necessary tools and strategies to mitigate the damage that has been sustained by your reputation. They can kick the negative content to the bottom ranks of search engine results, making them virtually invisible and nonexistent to the online audience.

This last option is certainly the best one you can take to manage online reputation. You can have experts maintain your online reputation. They will play the game your rivals or enemies do and turn it against them! With their expertise on search engine marketing, they will instead focus on the good side of your brand.

All of these tips can guarantee you one thing. They can all eventually end internet defamation against you. However, the time it takes to do just that is different. Some of them might take more time than others with much less quality. If your brand is currently being annihilated online, make sure that you are doing the right steps to prevent it. Start looking for a company who offers online reputation repair services immediately.

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