SEO Techniques! – How it help you in your online business

The website should be designed with prior planning and lots of dedication. Creating an ordinary website is easy, but tweaking it after some time is always difficult. A site definitely needs to be designed with search engine optimization technique to get visibility in the search engines. The following are some of the result fetching SEO techniques for the beginners.

Website Address:

Your website address should be sweet and short. Pickup the domain name related to your targeted keyword or your product or your business. If your site is promoting any of the services like insurance, get the website address as This not only improves your website ranking in SERP, but also helps the customers to remember your website easily. Using hyphens or other characters in between the domain name is not recommended. If your business is globally known, then use .com or .net for the domain extension.


If you have loaded any image in your site, then do not give the name of the image as 3335.jpg. Instead, if you have loaded Car picture in your site, you can give the name as “3335-cars”. The keyword Car is the keyword here and giving the keyword to the image you are inviting more traffic to your site.

Concentrate on individual page ranking

Instead of using the SEO concept for whole site, you can optimize each page of your site with SEO. When every page of your site is optimized with description and relevant keyword, the search engines also give priority to all the pages individually and display them in the results page. This helps the customers to reach the specific page of your website easily. So, the customers will be impressed with such sites and they show interest to visit your site again and again.

Suitable Title:

If you have created more than one page, then give unique title to every webpage. The title should be relevant to the description of the webpage. Through title tags, the customers will come to know about the contents of that page. Also search engine robots will give priority to the title tags while ranking the sites.

Submitting domain name to different directories

There are numerous sites and directories where you should submit your site to get it listed. Without listing your site will not be seen in search engines and traffic cannot be generated to your site. So, once your site is designed make sure that is submitted to Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Friendly Navigation

Your site should have good and simple navigation. So, do not over load the site with lots of graphics, images and pictures. If your site does not open easily, then the audience may fly to some other site.

Keyword rich content

The content written for your webpage should have the search engine friendly keyword. Keep the audience engaged with your informative content. Also the keyword should not exceed the limit. If you have created ten web pages, then you should use unique keyword for each page.

Internal links

When you are linking one webpage to other, use the targeted keywords in the links. This SEO will highlight your site in the search engine results page.

All the above SEO tips are compulsorily, if you want your site to be on the top of the search engine table.

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