Santa Clara Web Design: Make This a Part of Your Web Design Checklist

Santa Clara Web Design, in line with keeping their clients satisfied, see to it that every website they create follows a certain standard. In fact, ask any Santa Clara Website Designer and you will see that they don’t just design sites out of thin air. A lot of thought and concept have to go into each individual website Santa Clara Web Design. Each Santa Clara website designer has to see to it that they cross check any website through their checklist before allowing it to go live. What things are listed in this Santa Clara Web Design checklist? We won’t tell you all of them, but here are some of its aspects.

1. Page Layout- Santa Clara Web Design, before anything else, has to see to it that the page layout looks appealing to its target audience. They also have to make sure that they incorporate an informative title page that includes the company’s name and it’s website. On the bottom area of the page, there is always the copyright, the contact email address and the date of when the site was last updated. There must always be a navigation area present, as well as a consistent logo of the business. Designers must always see to it that there is a lot of contrast between text and background, and a good balance of text and white space on the page.

2. Browser compatibility- If a website did not concern themselves with proper browser compatibility, then no reader will be able to see it properly. It is super important that the site displays on the most popular versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari, as these are the more common browsers that majority of web surfers use. Also, do not forget to take both Windows and Mac browsers into consideration as these can affect how the page looks like.

3. Navigation- visitors of any website need to be able to know how to get around a certain website. To accomplish that successfully, web designers need to make sure that navigation links are clearly labeled. They have to make navigation simple and easy to use for those who use the site the most. Make sure hyperlinks are all working, and broken, and clear text links can be located at the bottom of the page, in case the main navigation does not work.

This checklist can make the difference whether your website runs smoothly, and is organized, or falls flat, both for the benefit of the website owners and its visitors. For more tips and advice on how to make your own website better, you can always consult with Santa Clara Web Designers.

Santa Clara Web Design does not only bring beautiful design to the area, but affordable web design too! Consult with talented Santa Clara Website Designer and see all the possibilities for your website!

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