SaleHoo – Can You Believe the Promise of Wholesale Drop Ship Products?

Salehoo–what is it, and is it a scam? Many people are asking, people who want to start home businesses and are in need of legitimate product sourcing. If you have spent any time at all searching the Internet for wholesale product sources or for eBay product suppliers, you may have heard Salehoo talked about in forums and heard a wide variety of opinion on what it is and whether or not it is real or simply another Internet marketing hoax.

Two Salehoo scam rumors that I’m aware of claim that the staff push their own products on the membership, and that it is a get-rich-quick scheme. As a member myself, I can report that at one time in the past one of the particular staff member started his own liquidation-close out business selling liquidated goods in small bulk lots. However, there was never any pressure to purchase, and in fact, the goods and prices offered were a real bargain. That particular member has since left Salehoo and the business is question has long since closed its doors. The Directory itself is not in the business of supplying products but only provides product sourcing contact information and business help and has nothing to do with the marketing and selling of wholesale goods.

As for the second claim, promises of quick wealth generally tread a fine line between legitimacy and scam. Again, to my knowledge and never within the course of my membership has SaleHoo ever made any claims about getting rich quick. If anything, it just the opposite. Both staff and the member community are quick to point out that making a steady profit takes time, work, and persistence. the Directory is merely an online resource, sort of like a vast rolodex of product suppliers, though a highly enhanced rolodex with many bells and whistles. It is somewhat like a vast, online wholesale supplier mart that is open 24/7, but neither I nor this global wholesale membership would want to suggest that it has a list of every supply source or that it can meet the needs of every online retailer. SaleHoo is merely one source of low cost product suppliers intended to meet the needs of ecommerce and eBay businesses.

One claim that does have merit is that the Directory lists many non-wholesale suppliers together with its wholesale sellers. Keep in mind, however, that a true wholesaler has a specific business license that allows it to sell distribute goods to retailers without charging sales tax. Just because a product supplier is not a wholesale business does not mean that it is a scam. Quite the opposite.

Some examples of the kinds of suppliers listed include surplus outlets, liquidation specialists, dollar store items, discount product suppliers, Chinese suppliers, and factory distributors as well as drop shippers.

Something else to keep in mind is that not all drop shippers are wholesalers. Some are but many are retail businesses selling steeply discounted lines of goods. That is just the nature of the game. When you are shopping for a product supplier, it is important that you compare prices and quality.

Is SaleHoo a scam? Find out how to find real wholesale suppliers today!