Roger Williams Texas 2012 Senate Candidate

Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams is going to run for the US senate this election season, thus far he’s collected recommendations from many well known political figures, including President George Bush who supported his candidacy. Similar to almost all of the conservative hopefuls he supports a well balanced budget and says that he would definitely approve a law which will make it unlawful for the government to overspend the approximated budget for the budgetary year.

Roger Williams recommended shrinking government by implementing enormous reform with entitlement packages such as social security and Medicare health insurance. Williams wants to privatize social security in an effort to get the money from the financially reckless federal government and devote that money within the private sector for investments. Medicare beneficiaries should be granted a check so that they can determine their medical care with the private industry in an effort to discover the cheapest and most beneficial solutions to health related needs.

Williams approves of both equally a flat and in addition a FairTax strategy and is convinced either technique is greater than the current messy tax rules that delivers loopholes for paying taxes and in addition sets up barriers to business organizations. A flat tax will institute a predetermined percentage that every person pays on salary and eradicates the problematic tax rules altogether. The FairTax would eliminate all federal, state and other taxes and put into action a product sales tax where you spend the money for taxes on bought goods.

Like all republican 2012 hopefuls in the state Roger Williams discusses the challenge of unlawful laborers by indicating we should boost border security and safety and develop a hard stand on individuals that come across our border illegitimately, his political campaign web page does not say exactly how he’d make this happen. He pushes harder by stating those which get to the back of the line and travel in America with permission need to be required to master the English language therefore we ought to pass a law to make English our established language for the nation.

Williams discusses social conservative issues as well and declares he has positively always been Against abortion and believes that after an egg is germinated existence commences and will not stop until all natural death, he reports he would not want anyone ‘messing’ with 2nd amendment legal rights, and he emphasizes a marriage consists of a single male and a single woman. He would take the position to combat any law that attempts to revise marriage.

Roger Williams will have a solid backing considering he is actually a well-known figure when compared to several of the other republican contenders for the senate. He was formally employed by governor Perry for the job as Secretary in 2005 till he resigned from it in 2007 to discover other opportunities. He could possess an excellent beginning edge if he is able to raise funds for his election bid.

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