Remedies for Internet Defamation, Slander and Libel

Life has certainly changed because of the Internet. The Internet age has given us a faster way to do business with a direct channel to an instant global market–especially once you’ve established your online business presence. You have close to 2 billion people who spend their time in cyberspace researching, reading, interacting and discussing just about anything under the sun. This is the market for any online business and your online reputation can harness that to monetize a growing traffic to your product site with the right SEO tools. But cyberspace can turn your advantage around with uncontrolled slander and libel that, if left unchecked, can ruin your product image online.

Slander and libel have been a bane among public figures and celebrities since the dawn of history and the last 15 years of the Internet age has made such unscrupulous behavior a lot easier with far reaching consequences. Due to their online presence, products and companies have become the butt of jokes–attacked and defamed to people’s heart’s content.

With business staking their presence online, competition can often turn ugly with black propaganda. It is easy to do. Just post negative online consumer reports and unflattering customer reviews on forums and social networking sites. This can also come from your former disgruntled employees with a score to settle with the company.

But it’s great to know you can do something to neutralize offensive online content. There are reputation management solutions online and off which you can harness to manage online reputation along with controlling unwanted online content. Admittedly, you can’t be doing it all the time. Some malicious posts and comments are easily seen as online ramblings and companies need not bother with them. But there are major ones with high search engine visibility you need to be more aggressive in preserving your online reputation.

Getting into legal action can strike fear into the hearts of the offending party and discourage similar offenses in the future. But while compensatory damages and a court-ordered withdrawal of offending content can bring justice for you, there’s no guarantee you’d win the case despite all the expenses and time lost in the process. Luckily, there’s a better way to neutralize offending sites.

In the meantime, it makes better business sense to fight online slander right in their own turf–the Internet. With SEO-based brand protection, you can do online reputation management more effectively using techniques that have been proven to bring down offensive content 5, 10, or more pages down a search engine result where they won’t do any damage.

Having a competent SEO professional on your side can help you manage online reputation to neutralize defamation slander wherever and whenever it occurs in cyberspace. The online tools are there for the experts to make sure none of the offensive content directed against you or your products do any serious dent on your online reputation.

Get a headstart with SEO-based protection for the one asset you have that can guarantee a rewarding and healthy online presence – your reputation.

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