Pros and Cons of Using the Email Newsletter

The usage of Email Newsletters is growing day by day. This clearly shows that email newsletters are benefiting the internet marketers. Even though email newsletters are beneficial to the internet business, it has its own advantages and disadvantages too. So, if you are a beginner to this online market first understand the pros and cons of Email Newsletter before using it.

The Pros

Email newsletters make your communication channel easy. This method carries your message swiftly to the customers and helps you to build a healthy bond between you and your customer. If you use newsletter, you are assured for good volume of web traffic.

You can contact your customers in frequent intervals. Normally, the internet marketers send mails weekly, fortnightly or monthly once. This frequent communication makes your subscriber to remember you easily. This also induces them to purchase product from you frequently.

The newsletter is a networking platform which increases your sales pitch. Other than subscribers, the newsletters will be received by some business people who are interested in the same product. So, through this you have chance to develop your business.

Dispatching newsletters is very easy. The email newsletters can be forwarded in bulk and this will not happen in traditional dispatch. The traditional postage takes more time and some time it may not reach your customer. This is definitely a draw back.

When you compare the cost of the email newsletter with the printed newsletter, the former one is always cheap. When you send manually it take more time and more money. But, the email newsletters can be preset, which means you can select the time and date of delivery and the autoresponder will do the rest of the job. Your email newsletter will be directed to all the people in your listing at the time set by you. So, you can do the job even without assistance of your staff.

The Cons

Timing is very important in the online business and email newsletter may affect your reputation if not sent in time. Most of the internet marketers promise the subscriber that they will receive newsletters either weekly or fortnightly or monthly once. But, in case if you could not meet the dead line, then the audience may not show interest in your product.

Some time the email newsletters cannot be prepared as you think. You will have some additional news to add, but if you add it in the email newsletter it may become very lengthy. Remember, most of the customers prefer to read the newsletter that is short and crisp.

Hundreds of email newsletters are forwarded to the customers, but few will be opened by the subscribers. Some customers simply click the delete button, even without noticing from whom they have received it. But, if you have an autoresponder you can find out the statistics of the emails opened in a particular day.

The one more disadvantage which I noticed in the newsletter is spam. At present all the email servers have spam filter and this filter sometime directs your newsletter to the spam folder. If your newsletter goes to the spam folder, then there is only less chance for your email newsletter gets opened by the customer.

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