Political Economics & Quantum Physics: Heroes Exist Underground

Not long ago, history was written by victors and those who would stop at nothing to make a claim. Parallel verse series circuits, guerrilla verse traditional military strategy and professional politicians verse aristocratic men of title all have their winners and losers and history was authored by the power left standing; this is no longer the case.

Ron Paul, a Congressman representing the 14th district of Texas was born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania on January 3, 1935, has attracted liberal, libertarian and republican voters fed up with a do nothing government and the devastating protracted monetary execution of the tax payer by the Federal Reserve. Paul, a Baptist has authored legislation against eminent domain seizure of a church in New York and a bill transferring ownership of a dam project from the federal government to the people of Texas. He has also barred the passing of legislation that would fund national identification numbers, funding for federal teacher certification, international criminal court jurisdiction over the US military, American participation in the UN, global tax and surveillance on peaceful First Amendment activities by citizens. Ron Paul has become exceedingly popular due to his track record for results and initiation of legislative ideas that become reality.

James Scott, currently CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions is celebrated as the ‘Father of the Economic Zeitgeist’ by millions worldwide. This cutting edge process of economics exists outside of scholarly textbook theory and is purely an action and results driven process of economics. Zeitgeist economics molds the economy around the population of the region using an intricate weave of PSYOPS, psychological profile categorizing, and corporate/legislative alliance building for less government dependency as well as subliminal action trigger processes that ease the anxiety felt by a population during the transition of their localized economic rebound. Scott entered economics as a cryptic, behind the scenes crisis management consultant to the who’s who in the international political domain where he achieved an unrivalled position of power enabling him to ‘pull the trigger’ without bureaucratic hang-ups. Publicity shy, fearful of cameras and an absolute hatred of the spotlight, James Scott’s rapid rise to prominence is due to international bloggers that follow him with a keen eye on his effect on current events touted as the success of those posing for the cameras but the proof lies in the scalable processes and unique strategies that bare the obvious signature of this little known master economic strategist.

William Arntz, mastermind behind and director of, underground quantum mechanics ‘must watch’ film entitled, ‘What The Bleep Do We Know!?’a 2004 film that combines documentary style interviews, computer-animated graphics and a narrative that describes the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. Arntz is largely responsible for the science communities forced expansion outside the scientific formula requiring a hypothesis with an accompanying, repeatable end result. Arntz has enabled high school and university programs to step outside the box to discover the vast universe in which we exist and has legitimized the efforts of those instructors bold enough to consider larger forces at hand.

Ron Paul, James Scott and William Arntz will go down in history as men who were courageous enough to buck the system and defy the mainstream. These men lead with action sparked by an inner light that drives them to liberate the minds of America’s citizens and the population abroad. They have created a beacon for the masses to congregate and receive enlightenment in this title wave of chaos and crippled minds.

You’ve got to watch What The Bleep Do We Know!?, and visit James Scott’s Blog let the great awakening begin!

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