Pointers In Selecting A Great Domain Name For Online Business

When you are just starting with putting your business online, one of the hardest things that can be done is picking the right domain name. On one hand, you need one that is relevant to whatever it is that you are selling, but at the same time, it should also be one that will not put your company in a bad light.

There are few mistakes that a lot of people make that you can avoid if you read these suggestions that follow below:

The first thing that a lot of people do wrong is choose a name that is just too long. Nobody likes having to type long www. addresses, and keeping your name short and concise will increase your chances of people checking out your site.

Not only that, but the longer the name, the better the chances are that people will type in a wrong character and get directed to a different or non existent site. Simply put, the shorter your domain name, the better off your business will be in the long run.

Another pitfall is that people will create confusing domain names. A domain name is a lot like a vanity plat that you see when you’re driving on the highway. If you can read it and it makes sense, then it is a good plate. Same goes for your domain name.

The three C’s to remember are to make your domain name clear, concise and clever. But this takes some thought and tact too. You don’t want a name that will make your site the butt end of jokes either, so use good judgment.

One other big mistake that is common is the use of dashes in the domain name. These can be annoying, lead to typing errors, and they just do not reflect a business well. Try and limit your name to something that just has words.

If you have an online only business, than dashes are not a big problem, because most people will be clicking your link anyway, but otherwise, if someone doesn’t put the right dash in, or in the wrong place, they will be redirected somewhere else and never get to your site.

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