Pocket-Promo Launches an SMS Text Message Marketing Affiliate Opportunity

Pocket-Promo LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its affiliate opportunity.

“Our reputation is vital to us, and we strive to partner with industry leaders that will provide unparalleled products and services,” said Jeffrey Arnold, industry expert and President at Pocket-Promo. “Our SMS marketing platform is leading the industry so we are delighted that we able to offer this affiliate program to the public. We are confident that this will be an important step for us to broaden our customer base via affiliates.”

“Pocket-Promo offers its clients the most user-friendly back-end functionality at one of the most cost-effective prices. Additionally, it is an industry leader in fully managed, turn-key packages, which offers a wonderful opportunity for affiliates,” said Mr. Arnold. “With our affiliate software, Pocket-Promo will now be able to confidently track all their affiliate referrals and product activities in one robust affiliate program. Affiliates will also have a new experience with the use of the recently updated and improved affiliate interface.”

Pocket-Promo provides clients with a industry-leading SMS marketing platform that allows clients to send bulk SMS messages, text message appointment reminders, or scheduled messages based on a variety of key triggers. In addition, the user interface allows for e-mail marketing and social media integration at no additional charge. The Pocket-Promo platform has earned a reputation as a leader in the text message marketing industry, while providing excellent value and customer satisfaction.

The Pocket-Promo affiliate service offers affiliates who promote the firm’s text message marketing programs uncapped commissions, with what is considered to be one of the best converting text message marketing services on the Internet. Affiliates also earn residual monthly income on all referrals, for the lifetime of their account at Pocket-Promo. Worth noting is that affiliates will earn commission from all of Pocket-Promo’s products, regardless of the product for which the client originally signed up. So if Pocket-Promo has successfully cross-sold or up-sold other services to an affiliate customer, the affiliate will enjoy the same level of income for that customer for that product as well.

Start marketing the most powerful marketing tool available today with our mobile marketing affiliate program. SMS text marketing is a rapidly expanding market due to high read rates and excellent redemption rates. Choose an affiliate marketing partner who offers the best software and the best fully-managed service, so that you can start to profit today!