Plush Super Ellie Stuffed Elephant Is Loved By All

This plush elephant was purchased as a birthday gift. I was very impressed with the soft, snugglie fabric this toy was made from. My child actually uses the toy to lay her head on. The shipping was impressive because we received the toy very quickly through the mail and this gives me the confidence to purchase other toys from this company with the understanding that I will receive the toy(s) in a timely fashion.

Dawn gleamed with excitement as she tore open her present, the plush Ellie the elephant. It is a true joy to see a child so happy when they honestly like the present that they get. I was very happy as well because I could see just how well made this animal was, it had a bunch of extra stitches, most stuffed animals do not have half as many.

Not only do kids love stuffed animals but adults do as well. My best friend loves them too and she is 32 years old. I bought her a stuffed plush Ellie the elephant as a thank you gift and the keeps thanking me over and over again. It is so nice to see just how much joy a simple little stuffed animal can bring to a person.

This plush elephant feels so nice when snuggled up to your chest, its no wonder why children love the Super Ellie Elephant toy. My child has proudly proclaimed that this stuffed elephant is one of her most favorite stuffed animals and she has not had it but for a week now.

The features on this elephant look exactly like a real elephant other than it just a lot smaller, of course. I never have liked the elephants that were not like a real elephant, they look too much like a cartoon, just my opinion though. From the coloring down to the trunk they look just like what you expect them to.

When you buy the Ellie elephant you will feel like you got a very good deal. What you get compared to what you paid is way in your favor, I feel like I really got my moneys worth for a change instead of feeling like I bought another piece of crap product from the tv or online again.

If you go by what makes a person happy then this stuffed animal gets an a plus because even though the pricing combined with the features that are just like real is great sometimes the joy is worth more than money can buy.

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