Penning A Book In 90 Days On Hubpages

One of the most difficult things to accomplish for many individuals is to begin a book. They will research for years and years yet the blank page stares back at them from the computer monitor, howling in mock defiance. For others it’s not starting which is hard, but completing a manuscript and getting it out to the general public. Nobody is ever guaranteed that their manuscript will be published, except perhaps for best-selling novelists like Stephen King or Dean Koontz, but the simple fact of the matter is that if you don’t finish it as well as promote it to someone such as a authors agent or a book publisher then it will be 100% guaranteed never to make it big (or small).

Penning a novel in ninety days could be done if you have some tools at your disposal. Since the main setback to the majority of writers is procrastination, there is an online website which actually can aid you in getting at least 30 or 40 pages completed and published online. The internet site is called Hubpages and many aspiring writers, myself included, have made use of them to construct the start of their books.

The great thing about Hubpages ( is the fact that it forces you to write. How does it work, you might ask. Hubpages basically gives the author a blank page to work with. You can write anything you like on it and have it posted in seconds. You can even monetize it as well as generate some cash with Google Adsense but mostly it is for blogs and there is a lot of really poor writing there. Because there are few rules, a lot of hackers go on there and use it for clutter. The great thing about publishing fictional stories on is that you could start with chapter one for instance, finish it on the fly in about an hour, publish it, then you’re stuck and have to write as well as submit part two or else be branded a liar of sorts.

For anal kinds this works very well as well as forces you to write something each day and make it good enough to publish. Ultimately you will have five to ten of these pages, each about 1000 to 2000 words long. You can theoretically publish the whole 200 to 400 page novel like that, but you would be in essence, giving away the publishing. The good thing is that not only can you get responses (and in case the story is good, you will) from other Hubbers as they are known as, but you could gauge for yourself if the story merits further expansion or if it’s just a good short story. You could also go ahead and take 30 or 40 pages which you have already written and plug in more details, back stories, sub-plots, character studies, etc., and use that as the structure (more detailed than a simple outline) for your final novel. Composing a book in 90 days then becomes possible. You will not finish the whole novel in ninety days unless it is terrible, but you can certainly structure and place huge chunks of the book into a workable form.

Composing a novel is similar to shaping a figurine out of clay or chiseling it out of stone. When it comes to a novel however you must make the stone. That is the main body of the writing. The challenge with many if not most authors is that as they write they get obsessed with polishing what has come well before. By composing and publishing in Hubpages you prevent that trap as well as create huge portions in bunches. Before long you have 30 or 40 or more relatively finished pages in front of you, and that my friends, is a good start to any full length novel.

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