In Lieu Of a Summons from the UAE, I Am Happy to Remain At Home, Support Peoples Web Pages and Beware Of Squirrels

Autumn falls upon the Black Country and we make ready to secure down the hatches to survive inclement weather such as screaming gales, monsoon-like cloudburst and icy spells as the leaves colour and plummet. Hats are on in preparation for a deluge of conkers and acorns and you can’t move in the garden for squirrels burying the winter stock.

All of this is highly acceptable to one such as myself, undertaking harmless and commendable SEO work and able to sit in the home nerve centre and watch proceedings unravel outside of the window as well as the avian hordes on their exiting migration to sunnier climes. I cannot say I blame them and fondly of November holidays to the Abu Dhabi to visit my parents when they lived there. Those days are long gone though naturally I would accept any Emirate based summons that could require occasional site visits with associated membership of The Club, business class on Emirates, suite at the Crown Plaza. Ah yes, I can imagine it easily. Or perhaps not.

Alas, the occasional shout from Arabia for IT support is less than probable to sound which is not really a disaster as I greatly prefer to hold to that on a local level. If a pc is perpetually crashing or needs rebuilding, a printer needs putting in then I’m more than happy to step in. I’m always happy to do a bit of IT support as the reasons for something messing about are normally straightforward to trace and do, but if you don’t know how to do it yourself then it’s an insoluble problem and you need somebody who does.

However, for the extended period, I will go on with the SEO that I really enjoy and try to enhance business in the Black Country by putting them into the top page of search results for Google. After that of course, it’s down to the site to retail it’s products but I like promoting the link to the site in front of the customer at the highest point of their search. It’s enjoyable to do apart from anything else but the greatest reason I like it so much is that, with the first Mrs Izzard lately being treated for breast cancer requiring plenty of trips to hospitals, I have to be able to drop everything at the drop of the hat protecting my bonce from gravity fuelled conkers and acorns. Not to mention the chasing tree rodents.

Thankfully, cancer treatment in this bit of the Black Country has proved to be highly scrupulous and notable and so long as I can continue to be able to be there for her during this unpleasant phase, I will be happy.


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