Hybrid Bikes – A fantastic Alternative For A Casual Cyclist

Hybrid Bikes are a bit of every little thing, they are able to be utilized for mountain biking or road biking. I presently use a hybrid to ride to function and its a fine technique to travelling. It takes about 125 minutes to ride the 1.5 miles to function and its a fairly fun ride. I paid roughly 400 pound and it has lasted me a fantastic two years without hassle. I’ve produced a couple of leading picks Hybrid Bikes smart here: Get pleasure from!

Kona Smoke 700c – The Kona smoke is heavy however reliable commuter bike. This Hybrid bikes is very affordable at a cost of 200 pound however gives an extremely comfy ride for a very affordable price tag. My finest mate andy own’s one of many these beauts and I see him zipping around town all the time employing it!Looks wise the Smoke looks really impressive having a black and gold paint finish.

Viking Urban Dimension – The Viking Urban Dimension is really a lot lighter than the Smoke on the other hand doesn’t come with Kona’s recommendation or name. For a 180 pound bike the Viking comes with some really good components including Suntour suspension and Shimano transmission. Even believed Viking is not a well known name in my honest opinion this can be the superior bike than the Smoke.

Giant Roam 1 2011 – This can be a actually good bike that is definitely additional than suitable for riding or commuting. Using a extremely light frame along with Shimano shifters and Shimano disc brakes this is a pure delight to ride. This bike has been made to tackle every one of the demands of commuter and Hybrid riding. When you abit far more to invest (600 pound) it could be worth the further income to go for this excellent bike!

Okay, I hope this has helped you pick a lovely hybrid bike for the summer months. It really is good fun to ride your bike in lovely warm morning. I would like to hear your thoughts so please comment and tell me which bike you have chosen. Thanks for reading and please follow my blogs in the future!

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