How to Reclaim a Damaged Online Image

The web is too small for online businesses to coexist peacefully with each other. In order to be on top of the game, a business needs to conquer the rapidly growing online market, while also getting ahead of fellow competitors. In order to do this, various marketing strategies and techniques have been implemented, including competitor elimination. However, not all these methods are actually clean and honest.

If you are a victim of defamatory comments or articles, then most likely, youve been beaten by your competitors who have resorted to underhanded tactics. This could also be due to your lack of brand protection. Did you know that there are actually things that you can do to secure both your assets and your name online?

Reputation online for a lot of people is like treading on a thin layer of ice. Even just a little negative snippet or a short defamatory comment that is on a well-placed authoritative website could have a great effect on your business and your revenue stream. Thats why reputation management online is increasingly becoming more complicated, and absolutely necessary.

But before you can address the situation, you need to account what things people can do against you. Its like going to war. You need to know how the enemy fights and what tactics they use so you can effectively counteract it. Slander and libel are, as of this writing, are two of the most widely used methods. Defamation slander is the use of broadcast materials in oral form to tarnish a reputation. On the other hand, libel makes use of a fixed media to express negative statements against a certain name or brand. Both of these will result in defamation of character.

There are three different ways to deal with these problems and to manage online reputation. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which will work best for your situation.

First, if your vigilance brings you to a few unflattering posts or blogs about you, you can opt to ignore them as most netizens would consider them as mere unfounded ramblings online. Now, if they happen to come more often and are viral posts from high page-ranking blogs and social media sites, it will be irresponsible to not do anything about it and merely hope they go away. Thats often the start of the defamation slander, which can nibble away at your reputation. If you do nothing from the start, the damage could go beyond your control.

A more aggressive route to take is to sue the person responsible for the negative content and hope to win some money and get the negative posts taken down. However, this option entails a lot of time and money. There is also the possibility that your business could go bankrupt before you even win the case, because the negative publicity could drive away potential customers. But as you can see, even though you win, you cannot be certain that you can recover as quickly as compared to going for the reputation management options immediately.

The one sure solution to neutralize offensive online content is through slander and libel repair services. Using the same tools to bring your page rank up, you can bring your online detractors under control with the aid of 3rd party SEO professionals who can effectively manage your image online. Together with a slew of positive online content in blogs and forums, as well as articles in ezines, you can bury offending sites deep down the search result pages where they wont do any damage as no one would be interested in going that far. Your detractors wont even know what hit them.

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