How To Draw The Internet Crowd Into Your Business

You can draw hundreds of customers to your business without any trouble at all. How do you conduct this magic? It’s simple – through the wonder of the social media revolution.

Some estimate that billions of people post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. Those are all potential customers to your business, you just have to know how to reach out and connect to them. Here are a few tips for making that happen.

1. Don’t just post a ton of junk and hope to catch a fish. People don’t want to read something that hasn’t had any effort put into it. You should try to focus your efforts into worthwhile postings. Also make sure to check your spelling and grammar as these can have a serious impact on the legitimacy of your posting. Finally, don’t just spread other people’s junk either. Weigh your links based on how important you really think they are.

These seemingly minor mistakes can come back to haunt you by forming an impression in the minds of your readers that you are an idiot not worthy of their time or business.

2. Take the time to build community. This means letting a little bit of yourself out there on the net. Whether it is a post about your child or a picture of your pet, people want to know a little bit about the people they might be buying from. Put a human face on your company.

3. Don’t be afraid to help others. Whether your are on a forum, or somebody sends you an email, answer back. Even if you don’t know the precise answer, you can provide background information that might help somebody. And once people see that your company isn’t a giant, unfeeling monolith, you may be able to make a sale – or several.

4. Don’t flood your readers with spam. Nobody likes it, and if you do it you will lose.

This will destroy your brand value as surely as about anything. It is almost better to say nothing at all than to ruin your own value by flooding your Twitter stream or Facebook wall with yet another message touting your business or web site link. People will see through that sort of behavior.

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