How To Choose A Discount Wedding Dress

Wedding gown may the most important item of clothing you will ever buy, so you need choose it carefully. The following points are worth considering before you make your decision

Time: Unless you are buying an already made dress or buying a shop sample you will need to allow 6 months for your gowns to be made. Yes many retailers will promise it much sooner but really you do not need the stress involved. A dress that is even a week late will give you sleepless nights so order early and give yourself plenty of time for adjustments.

Style: There are mainly five basic styles of wedding gown, A line, Ball gown, Mermaid, Column and Empire. Very few brides will have the body shape to look good in them all so be honest with yourself and choose carefully. There is no point buying a beautiful dress that just does not suit your body shape. You want to look your best on your special day; you can achieve that only by choosing a style which best fits your body.

Material: This is the one day in your life that you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you intend wearing the dress all day then think about how heavy it is and how hot you are going to be. If you are getting married in a hot climate naturally choose light materials. Even if you are in a cooler climate remember about the weight of the dress.

Price: The cost of hosting a wedding has grown astronomically in recent years pushed up by the publicity around celebrity weddings. The credit crunch has changed the mindset of many brides who see themselves as financially aware and so demand more for their money. To this end many brides are choosing to make savings on their gown which can either reduce their over all budget or put toward enjoying the honeymoon. There are many ways to save on your gown, store sample sales or buying online and cutting out the middle man is another.

Label: This is directly linked to price, if the label is important to you then go right ahead and pay through the nose for it. Just remember that most dress designers have their gowns manufactured in China including the top brands. Ask yourself if paying two or three times the price for the same quality gown is really what you want to do?

Source: Yet again this is linked to price. The high street has huge overheads which are reflected in their prices although you should at least get good service and be made to feel special. If you are not getting that extra service then don’t pay for it; rather buy online and make fantastic savings.

Happy hunting for your special discount wedding gown.

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