How to be an Alpha Asian Male

Most women like their man confident and dominant. That’s a fact. Sure, there are some women out there that are looking for weak and manageable guys, but most of the times, these women have strong confidence issues. These women often have been burned in the past and want a man that is unthreatening and inoffensive so they can feel in control. But these relationships rarely last and these women often come back crawling to the men they’ve been always attracted to.

Ladies hate to admit that they like these kinds of men and will often say that they like a man with a sense of humor. But humor isn’t what gets her hot under the sheets. Sheer masculine confidence and raw testosterone will… So how can you display alpha Asian male traits that will make women magnetically attracted to you?

Well initial, you’ve to get rid of all weak body language traits that demonstrate lower social value. Slumped shoulders and nervous fidgeting will get you nowhere with women. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, feet at a slightly wider distance then your shoulders and maintain your hands to your sides at all times. True confidence is so rare nowadays that women will respond strongly to a confident man. In case you act confident, you will start to feel confident, which will make attracting women so a lot easier…

Second, in case you desire to gain the inner characteristics of an alpha Asian male, you’ll have to stop giving so a lot significance on being accepted or rejected. You’ve got to see each approach as an chance to discover and have fun. Each time a girl rejects you, you should feel proud that you at least had the courage to approach her.

If you’ve been within the game for a even though, you’ve probably approached hundreds of girls by now. This is much more than most men will do in their whole lifetime! Be proud that you have the guts to approach women in any scenario and your confidence will slowly grow. You’ll gain far more and more success as you gain expertise. Calibrate each strategy you make and analyze the good points as well as the poor items you did. Every strategy, either great or poor, is an chance to grow. So every time a girl rejects you, just brush your shoulders off and move on, there’s a lot of fish within the sea…

Be direct with your approach. This is a big alpha Asian male trait. If a girl sees that you’re afraid to approach her, you will look weak in her eyes and she will loose interest in you. Women are always impressed by a guy who has the guts to go for what he wants. Even though you might feel weak in the knees and nervous when you’re talking to her, she will at least respect the fact that you had the balls to walk up to her and tell her how you feel.

Most men attempt to steer clear of saying that they like a girl, but girls are very keen and they know instantly when a guy is trying to pick up them up. So should you do not show your intent from the get go, she will think you’re afraid to tell her what you actually want. She will toy with you or merely ignore you and leave as soon as she looses interest. So be direct and honest with your approach and she will appreciate your courage and determination.

So in case you want to display alpha male characteristics, you’ll must 1st stop attaching to a lot importance on becoming accepted or rejected, second, show dominant body language and third, be direct and honest with your intentions. Should you apply these guidelines to the letter, you’ll begin to get far more and much more favorable responses within the field and ultimately get the girl you’ve always wanted. So maintain practicing and bear in mind that every approach can be a lesson along with a step towards your full potential…

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