Finding your Friends on Facebook

Perhaps you may have lost contact with everybody from the past. You start wondering, Gee, I wonder what ‘such and such’ is up to now-a-days. Indeed what do they look like now?

Well, the Social networking site Facebook is designed to help you. People almost always keep some connection to their roots. If they have an unusual name then that always helps. If you’re trying to find John Brown from New Hampshire, you’re probably not going to do that. Also remember that if you’re searching for anyone abroad in many countries have Facebook blocked

You’re going to have to get as many facts as you can about them. If they’re women, it might be even harder to get information on them.

Try going to your High School Alumni section. If you can find their married name, or their middle initial, that will greatly whittle down the number of people. If they still live in your home town (and you’d be amazed how many people do), then it will be easier.

You don’t JUST use Facebook to find them. Ironically, previously Google has found Facebook pages much better than Facebook does.

Perhaps I know a person’s original name used to be Jim Samborn. I’m not quite sure if their last name was spelled Samborn, or Samborne. I’m pretty sure it was Samborn, though.

I know that they may have married someone named Donnerly. They used to live somewhere in New Hampshire, and I’m reckon they still do. These are the clues you use.

Now, it might help that the name Jammie Donnerly is not a common name. Since they live in New Hampshire, I might be able to find exactly where. I know that they used to live in Concord, New Hampshire, so I put “Jammie Donnerly NH” into Facebook and see what it finds.

It finds nothing. I need more clues. You then resort to using Google. I know that she used to love raising and jumping Appaloosa horses. That clue leads nowhere, though.

And, quite quickly I come up with her telephone number. From that information, I called her up and found that she isn’t actually on Facebook, but her daughter is… and that’s that. Within ten minutes you go from not knowing them to knowing them and being able to maintain contact with them.

Often it will be as simple as typing their full name, and where they used reside. The reason for that is most people keep in touch with SOMEONE from that time period and from the old hangouts. If one of that person’s friends still lives in that city and state, then it will show up. Also, maybe they have a photograph along with their Facebook account, or if they have friends… look maybe you’ll recognize some of their friends.

I went across cross-country on my bicycle, two times. And the second trip we went to Yellowstone. A friendly family, helped us there by taking us around Yellowstone. We had helped look after their two cats, but we never saw them again. With a few clues, and their names, and by using Facebook, I found where they now were living. They hadn’t moved more than a few miles from where they had been 20 years ago. The secret is to use all the tools available on the internet, facebook is great in many countries but not so popular in others, try other sites like the BBC there’s much more to their site than the BBC Iplayer, if you look at the geneaology section there’s lots of local forums for finding people in the UK. These might give you more clues to finding people on facebook or otherwise.