Features Of Evil Eye Pro Sunglasses Cycling Nuts Will Love

Sports sunglasses are often tailored to a certain sport. The Evil Eye Pro Special Edition L sunglasses are great for cycling, whether you need to compete in a race or just go out for a cruise on a nature trail. It’s not a cheap pair, but it’s something that you will get your worth out of.

Crashing in a cycling match isn’t uncommon. This is especially true for tracks with tight corners and a large number of competitors. A pack of so many wheels is bound to cause an accident! The bad thing about it is that sunglasses have a tendency to break in a crash. Adidas made the Evil Eye Pro sunglasses to break apart in the event of an impact, so the structure of the sunglasses won’t be damaged.

The new fad in sports sunglasses is to offer a pair that can resist fog. Mostly useful for cycling sports, these sunglasses fix a very real problem in long endurance races: the lack of ability to see when fog becomes a problem. Adidas put in a great ventilation system and a special set of lenses that will resist the effects of condensation of the lenses during races.

Sweat in the eyes can make a cyclist lose balance or take a turn wrong when they try to wipe their brow. Adidas decided to put in a sweat catching system, and it has worked wonders in keeping sweat out of the eyes! Cycling is an endurance sport, so it’s not uncommon to sweat all throughout the many hours of a race. A sweat catching system is a godsend in these cases.

You won’t pay a lot for the Evil Eye Pro sunglasses, if you compare them to the counterparts of other models. Expect to pay just under $200 for them if you buy them at retail price. The fun part is picking a style: the model comes in three different colors; white, black, and gold. Which ever your style is, you can even make it more customized by changing out the lenses to fit your own tastes in color.

This particular model of Adidas sunglasses may not last long. Most special edition sunglasses last a year or two and are not continued any longer, so it’s important that you get a pair if you like them. Check local sports stores to see if you can try them out. If you don’t find a place, look on the Internet to read some reviews and to see if you would like to wear them. It’s a lot of money so you have to be sure when you buy them.

Closing Comments

You can’t go wrong with this pair of sunglasses, that’s for sure! If you are out on your bike every day of the week, you definitely need to upgrade from the cheap pair you probably have. Do some looking at prices on the Internet and get a good deal.

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