Effective Strategies To Get Your Own High PR Backlinks

Who ever would have thought that backlinking services would become the huge online industry that it has. We doubt Google had the foresight to envision the farcical nature of backlinking. All Google ever wanted was to get people to build quality sites with content that searchers are looking for. It’s hard to find fault with this way of creating websites. So the idea here is that website owners will strive to build quality sites and be satisfied to get backlinks when others decide to link to them. When you think about it, this is a little silly, as no one who has a site they’re trying to make money from will behave this way. The present scenario is proof enough of this. There are all kinds of tactics to get more backlinks. Below are a few of the best ways to obtain high PR backlinks. Don’t miss out on the best SEO Business Box Bonus.

Many internet marketers who use articles for the purpose of getting backlinks to their site make a simple mistake. Many of them, unknowingly, will write a great article and publish it on the best article directories such as Ezinearticles, Goarticles, and other good places. They don’t, however, publish the article on their own site first, which is the mistake. Then maybe they backlink the article instead of the article on their site. It’s easier, of course, to rank your article on a high PR directory than on your own site, but if you want to get links and improve your site’s ranking, you should first publish to your own site and get links coming there.

A few years ago link wheels were the rage and darling of backlinking. Predictably, this worked great until Google figured it out. Creating link wheels now is not nearly as helpful as a few years ago. Plus, one thing Google always does is study the “foot print” of things like patterns (linking) and software. It’s no longer a good idea to used a “closed link wheel,” as the search engines are now cracking down on this practice. Well, what people are now doing is mimicking the link wheel structure except it is no longer a closed loop. Open link wheels are the latest strategy, though if you want to be technical, it’s no longer a wheel at all. Aside from not closing the wheel, you stick to the same basic idea. Done in this manner, Google will have a hard time noticing anything suspicious. My Article Network is among the most popular blog networks today and if you want to learn why than you should check it out.

Another method of getting high PR backlinks is submitting your sites to directories. Remember that you can find backlinks from low to high use any method you read about. So if you only want to focus on high PR backlinks, that is fine. But also remember that Google looks for what is natural, so you may want to purposely include PR backlinks from low to high.

This article just scratches the surface about locating high PR backlinks. You have to focus on how you want to find them and then use them most intelligently. There truly is a lot to learn, and do not go blindly into this if you are new to online marketing – get some education because it can save you heartache down the line.

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