Designing for Mobile: Mobile Web Design Best Practices

The cell phone has completely changed since its birth. Now you can access the internet, send text messages, take pictures, and still receive and make calls. Since the size of the screen, the speed at which information is transferred and the visuals are different than those of a computer, different web designs and development are needed to make the applications and programs work with the cell phones.

Major mobile operating systems are somewhat like the operating systems used on your computer, only much more simplified. They are concerned mainly with wireless versions of broad band, mobile multimedia formats, different input methods and local connectivity. You will learn all about each one of these as you are earning your web design degree.

Safari for iPhone, Android, and Opera are three of the major operating systems developed mainly for use with mobile communications devices. Each one claims to have the easiest usability, fastest internet browser, best graphics and the best visuals for small screen usage. All four are very popular, each with different features that appeal to different types of audiences.

The online web design courses you take will cover will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to work in applications like this. New advancements in this type of technology are being worked on every day. Each manufacturer wants to do out do the other to make their usability for small screens the best system in the world.

Web designers who work on these designs must take the medium they are using and interface it with what the user say they want. They have to take into account the features available on the web for computer access vs. what is available on the web for small screen media uses. They have to come up with programs, languages and platforms that will work with both.

Many web designer companies for cellular usage will test their new designs on multiple users before they start the marketing procedure. They will give the phone away to several users, with a selected amount of free service, just for testing it. They try to get testers from every age group, ethnic group, and work group possible to see where the phone works best, and who will be the most likely to use the phone and service.

When you attend a web design school and take web design courses, you will learn about the differences in programs, platforms, and languages for small media devices compared to large media devices like your home or work computer.