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Defamation of character may sound fake, but in reality it is a true, serious crime. We’ve all done it one time or another, even if we didn’t realize it. Yes, even those who operate online businesses. But how do you protect your online businesses from defamation of character?

Defamation of character can be truly damaging and harmful to a company or individual’s image. Defamation of character refers to a written claim or statement or broadcast that can cause a negative impact on a product, service, business, individual, organization, or group. Defamation of character is also more commonly refer to “Libel” or “Slander”. In this case, since we are talking about online images, the offender is known as the “Slanderer”.

Most that commit defamation of character usually don’t even know it. They consist mainly of competitors, former angry employees, and even dissatisfied customers. Of course, there are people out there who sit online all day long and just find sites to trash.

Today it is really easy, and even tempting, to fill out the “customer review” section of a website that offers a particular product or service. It is easy to select the amount of stars appropriate when rating a particular product or service. It is also easy to write a comment below stating why you chose the amount of stars.

Thankfully there is search engine reputation management. This technique can push those nasty comments five and up to ten pages down a search result. This way, the offender thinks they are doing you and your site harm, when actually new users visiting your site won’t even notice them. Pretty sneaky, huh?

So, as a brand manager or business owner, what do you do? You could ignore them and hope that over time they get buried several pages down and no one really notices. But as fast as information travels today, especially if you have an online business, and with the economy the way it is, that is downright risky and dangerous.

Some may believe that a few nasty comments won’t hurt or cause any damage to their business if they have a sound and reputable product or service. Think again. Since online shopping or surfing is at an all time high, you better believe that users are paying attention and listening to those comments.

Finally there is the more professional approach: search engine reputation management. Because so many online businesses are experiencing the same effects from defamation of character, the need to protect one’s image is more important today than ever. Search engine reputation management pushes nasty comments five and even up to ten pages down below the search results where it will be difficult to see, especially when new users search a keyword that relates to your particular business.

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