Clarify Value to Improve Your Business

Does your marketing message say what your customers want to hear?

Developing value statements for your website copy and other marketing collateral is an opportunity often overlooked. Clear statements of the most important benefit that customers get from your business can substantially increase sales conversions.

What is your value proposition? In one clear sentence, describe the best reason why potential customers would want to do business with your company.

The concise clarity of your statement is important to maximize your marketing message. It is the main reason why people buy from you. By improving this one marketing element, you have the opportunity to increase sales without adding any additional expense.

It’s shocking how many companies have not made the effort to develop a strong and clear benefit statement, but instead only provide commonly used weak offers.

Examples of Weak Value Statements:

We have the best technology in the industry

Use our service and you will save more money

We provide the highest quality product available

Generic marketing claims don’t speak to the real needs of customers. You have only a brief window of time to make a good first impression, and keep their attention in order to convert more sales.

Better Value Propositions:

Our technology increases your output 24% more than the leading brand

Save $100 dollars on every product purchased as a premium member

The quality of our product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Vale statements which are too brief or generic can result in losing customers by not speaking to their felt need. General product descriptions may seem clear to you, but do they convey the most important benefit to others?

Use specific words, numbers, or a percentage to explain your product benefits. Replace vague modifiers with quantitative facts to make your offer more credible. The more specific your offer is in terms of benefits to the customer, the better.

Think of at least one company benefit that is different from your competition. It provides a key sales advantage and keeps you focused on your core message.

Clarify your sales message and write what your customers want to hear to take advantage of a prime opportunity for increasing your sales conversions and company revenue.

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