Choosing Your Domain Name Correctly

In this day and age searching for a high-quality domain name for your up and coming business has become very difficult. This is because of the fact that domain names are do not cost too much, and every day greater and great numbers of individuals are joining the legions of the internet-savvy and starting their own, often home-based, businesses. To this, at least, there is no end in sight. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to pronounce that there is an authentic domain gold rush going on as you read this.

There are, in fact, a number of simultaneous lines of inquiry to consider when making an often permanent decision on what your business domain name should be. One must decide whether to emphasize branding and image, for example, or instead go with a name that while ugly, includes the keywords likely to be typed into Bing by prospective buyers. These are often two separate and competing ends.

On the one hand, you might have a domain that is intended to cement itself more sturdily in a buyer’s brain and thus is obviously designed to be memorable. The flip side of that same coin certainly has merit as well: you choose a domain name that is ultimately intended to manipulate the rankings of search engines like Google to show the website of your business at a higher ranking than other competitors.

It is the opinion of the author of this article that frequently image is far more more important of a factor, because “keyword stuffing” within your domain while arguably effective, is, more often than not ugly looking and highly unprofessional. This is a matter of personal opinion and ofmany heated arguments within the online marketing community, however.

A few other points of consideration when making a decision on a name is how long (years) to pay for at once, and what registrar to use. The consensus of opinion among the internet elites is very clear: register the domain name for more than one year. Only registering for one year is a sure-fire way of getting your site flagged as spam and is rumored to be an important determining component of Google’s (and others) search engine ranking calculations. As a matter of fact, length of name registration was included in a United States patent Google made for search engine indexing techniques. This, of course, doesn’t imply that it has tremendous weight, but it is a point of consideration. It is often a better practice for simplicity sake to buy your name at your web provider, because the price difference between domain registrars is insubstantial in this day and age. For this reason it is better to centralize things.

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