Bullying Not Simply For Children

A lot of headlines within the past year has focused on the threat of bullies in school and on social media sites. Most of the people feel it is a problem that only has effects on youth, however their assumption is wrong. Residential communities made up of senior aged citizens have their own problems with bullying as well.

Little Groups with Power

In high school it always seems that a small number of students wield an amazing quantity of power or perhaps influence over the rest of the school. It is identical with these residential facilities. Documented cases demonstrate that a community with over 1,000 persons is threatened by a small number of 10 or 12 people. These people control the social activities for instance card games or perhaps luncheons and exclude anyone that does not fit in with the “group.” The “power” group may chat over tea or coffee about their planned routines and basically disregard the other residents.

Troubles Catching People in the Act

In class it seemed that the teachers and administrators were always powerless to aid the affected students. Without any evidence, or actually witnessing the bullies in some act of intimidation, it seemed impossible to impose any type of penalty. With the older citizens the issues are the same. Unless the correct officials actually see anyone or a group threatening another person, it is definitely a matter of one person’s declaration as opposed to another.

More Problems with Workable Solutions

In secondary school parents are always telling the affected child to “just ignore the bully” and they’re going to eventually disappear completely. Some folks even suggest reaching out to form new friendships to avoid the feeling regarding exclusion. However, this approach is not always possible in a few senior citizen facilities. Several of these living arrangements are small. The solely interaction the people have is by using the other people residing in the building. Ignoring everyone wouldn’t be an easy thing to do.

Online Alternatives

Even though it is not going to completely solve the issue, there are several online choices to help people discover new friends making connections. The boom in social networking sites is a great method to retain up to date with relatives and buddies, whether they reside in the same town or around the globe. Chat rooms exist on several sites that will give people a way to have a private discussion without letting everyone online see the details of the discussion. Most social media sites have various groups based on a common these to ensure that anyone can find a group with their liking.

Sandy Hunter