Buffet Menus

There is an exclusive event coming up but you are not to sure about what food to serve. You’ve decided to put on a buffet for your friends & family so they could have as much or as little as they like, but what type of food need to be served might be a mystery in itself.

Buffet menus include a various number of finger foods, perfect for parties and events as it all looks and smells great & you are guaranteed to have something that everybody would like. You have decided on location and table layout but you’re still struggling to find the perfect food for your buffet, good look no further.

Some of the most popular food to be on a buffet menu are vol au vents, these are little pastry cases which can have any sort of filling. Chicken and mushroom is one of the most popular choices for vol au vents but don’t forget there are plenty of other different choices out there, you could try salmon and cream cheese or even cheese and tomato to cover the vegetarians in the group. You can be sure that by the end of the buffet all the vol au vents will be gone and you’ll be receiving praise from the people who ate them.

Sandwiches are also crucial when putting on a buffet, you could have whatever sandwich you like but again make sure that you cater for vegetarians just in case (meat eaters will still eat the vegetarian alternatives). Get some nice bread, something pleasant to go inside the bread and also cut it up into 4 triangles for getting the most out of it.

A sandwich will always be greeted with a smile and also the best thing about them is which nothing could go wrong – pure & simple buffet food at its finest. It’s best to accompany the sandwiches with some bowls of chips in various flavours, there two combinations go hand in hand and the chips will continue to be eaten through the duration of the day and night.

You might want to get cultural and the best way to do this is add snacks foods from around the globe to your buffet menus. Indian snacks such as samosas and onion bhaji are fantastic as they are quite filling, full of flavour and something different to see on a buffet.

Alternatively, from China you may put on some spring rolls or even prawn toast to wow your visitors and give them anything to tell other guests about. This ethnic addition will benefit a buffet as it adds a complete new dimension of food to the table.

The most significant thing to remember when putting on a buffet is to buy more food than you are expecting to go through, in case the event is a success then people might consume more and also you run the risk running out of food completely. Also, make sure you purchase a lot of drinks, both non-alcoholic and also alcoholic, to ensure you are catering for everyone. You are now ready to host the most incredible buffet you can think of.

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