Be Bold In Your Color Choice With Your Dress For Homecoming And Prom

The night is always anticipated greatly. Limos are ordered. Tickets are bought. Hair and makeup is done. And the dress is hanging on the bedroom door. But what type of homecoming dresses and prom 2011 dresses are the “in” look?[youtube:ZwVfNU8KpXc?fs=1;View [link:short dresses] for parties and prom.;]

The theme is chosen, the location designated, and the night is ready. But no matter what the only thing on every girl’s mind is what they will look like. It is imperative to get the dress, hair, makeup, and accessories right. And so, knowing your style and look will help in your selection process.

What is the look this year? It is all about color and lots of it. The gowns this year are vibrant yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Even bolder is the use of animal prints in various designs. The long dress is the focal point and some even have small trains to add effect and pizzazz. Being glamorous is what it is all about.

Long dresses are dramatic and impact can also be made with showing a bit of shoulder or having a low cut back of the dress. But remember that many schools today are being very vigilant about the girls being dressed properly. And showing too much skin is not sexy. When it comes to event dressing often less is more.

Another great look for this year’s events is to take your dress shorter. This implies a fun and flirty look which can be more freeing an outfit for this type of event. Many styles this year have used color, sequins, and beading to create a dramatic and eye-catching look. But the constant is the use of bright color and patterns.

Of course you can choose to keep traditional and classic and wear the basic black dress. The looks this year bring silky fabric and dramatic one shoulder looks to you. The addition of rhinestones and beading add more glamour and make you feel like a Hollywood screen star. Adding to the simplicity you can dress it up with accessories like a gardenia in your hair or stunning shoes.

The fairy princess look is always fun. Every girl dreams of being Cinderella at the ball and there are those gowns with full skirts and sweetheart necklines to make a girl think a pumpkin carriage will be arriving any minute. Whether you choose to be more fairy-like with lighter colors or be more princess with bold colors and patterns depends on your style. No matter what these dresses will have you feeling like the belle of the ball.

This year choose a pattern or glitz up your usual wardrobe choices with something you have never tried before. But remember that you must wear the dress and do not let the dress be wearing you. This can happen if you do not make sure to find homecoming dresses and prom 2011 dresses that fits your style.

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