Anchoring – A Good Method To Convince And Inspire Your Targets

Anchoring is an idea in public speaking that is used when giving a presentation to an audience. It is a way for the speaker to “mark their territory.” When used repetitiously, it helps the audience to remember what the speaker has said.

An example of anchoring is making sure that you stand in a specific location when you want to make a point. It can be used when giving a presentation for a business plan for your company when you want to show the audience your company’s past, present and future and how it is going to evolve and improve the business.

To anchor your words you will want to select three locations on the speaking floor, one to the right, one in the middle, and one to the left. You can call them points A, B, and C.

To being anchoring you will want to make sure you stand in location A to make a point about the past, location B when speaking about the present and location C when you are projecting the future.

From this illustration you can see a similarity with the way that charts are laid out. The past finances are usually on the left side while the future ones are on the right. This is just another way of making your point with your words.

Spatial techniques are not the only way to use anchoring. You can use gestures and tones of voice as well. For instance you can use the same tone of voice when making a specific point. Many comedians use this same technique to draw laughter from their audiences.

Anchoring is not our natural way of speaking, but with practice and patience it can become second nature to us when we must give a presentation to an audience.

To inspire and convince your audience try using anchoring techniques the next time you give a presentation.

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