Acting From The Homestead Means That I Get A Better Opportunity Of Maintaining My Clients

I was feeling a bit off yesterday. Not quite the complete ticket, a little unbalanced in the person as it were. So in the afternoon I returned to my bed and grabbed some sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up I felt far better, fresh and revived and went back to work. Which was all easy to do as I labour at home and for myself so I gave myself leave, carried on with operations performing superior SEO and IT support services to businesses in and about the Black Country.

It is an absolute benefit that the home-worker has. If I was located in an office somewhere I would have either had to attempt to fight my way through the day feeling rotten and very likely gradually getting worse, or choose to toss in the day, make my apologies and go home without the possibility of coming back and continuing where I left things. Plus I’d have the annoyance of having to submit forms, maybe have to endure a ‘return to work interview’ as I really have to have my intelligence insulted as a penance for feeling under the weather. But, in doing SEO work I can just save my work, crawl under the quilt, pick a quality snooze and when I awoke, cross the landing to the office and carry on.

It would not have been so if I’d been on an IT support call of course, although the decision would have been to complete the appointment I was on and then either decide to put off any more appointments or break for a breath of air or a snooze in the car and then carrying on. It would also depend on the location in the Black Country I was of course, if I was near to home I could always scurry back for my nap and let coming appointments know that I was going to be held up, though of course if there was a drastic emergency situation somewhere then naturally I would need to be really unwell to let them down.

It is of course the endless conundrum of the freelancer. No work, no money and if you let clients down then they will always have the choice to find somebody else that they could consider to be more reliable, that’s basic business sense.

So, whether trying to promote a website with SEO, or keeping their systems and machinery going by giving IT support, feeling unwell does not need to stop me helping my clients’ business, which being office bound probably would, which is for the best.

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