a shareholder’s guide to following stock endorsers

We have all seen good ideas turn into bad things. Sometimes it just happens. And oftentimes, it is not the idea itself but some people that make the situation take a wrong turn.

That is exactly what happened to stock promotion. The Internet, in particular, has a lot of swindlers because of the anonymity that it provides. If there are people who make a living on conning people who don’t know any better, no wonder that stock promotion has gotten such a bad rap from everyone. Did you know that stock promoters used to be actually seen as the company’s advertising arm?

Of course, in a place where people stand to make a lot of money with just a little bit of talking, conmen come in to get their share of the market. Due to this, people began looking at penny stock trade and stock promoters differently. What you need to remember, however, is that you may have dealt with a rotten egg or two, but there will always be stock promoters who can help you in making an investment in penny stocks or promote your company that is in bad need of capital infusion.

The only thing you need to do is to differentiate between reliable stock promoters and scammers. The first thing is to check the reputation of that stock promoter or stock promoting service online. If they are scammers or frauds, there will surely be some kind of information on that. Once you have googled them extensively online and are now worry-free, move on and see what they have to offer. But first, protect yourself by keeping this in mind.

Take free advice with a grain of salt when it comes from stock promoters. There are good tips and bad tips. And then, there are the good tips that have gone stale over time. Stock tips are time-sensitive so if you get them, make sure that you take action immediately after you’ve done your research. Also, be wary of unsolicited emails, faxes, and voicemail tips. A lot of times, useless or false tips have been left that way.

Also, did you know that a lot of people have lost money because they followed tips based on office or chatroom gossip? It really does not matter where you meet that trader – online blog, office, cafeteria – be wary about the so-called tips that you come across. Be skeptical and question not only the source of the tip but also figure out why someone, who is trading in the stock themselves, would share a tip of that sort. If it is such a big secret, why is it coming out anyway? If it is confidential, why would they share it.

One more thing, a reliable stock promoter will never make guarantees because the stock business does not have any guarantees whatsoever. This is why legitimate stock promoters will only give you relevant and professional information to your stock, and then make a recommendation based on those reports after serious evaluation.

Lastly, when investing in stocks, you might chance upon companies claiming to do research and analysis. But you have to remember that those so-called professionals might not be true professionals after all. Look before you leap. Better still, talk to your reliable stock promoter rather than some analyst who does not care about you. Such analysts can also leave false information on online message boards so do not fall for a tip in such places.

The author of this paper has identified an expert named Josh Yudell. I believe Josh Yudell is a Wall Street veteran, having spent his entire career in the fields of investor relations and investment banking.