A Brief Account Of Cigars And What Made Them Popular

Christopher Columbus not only discovered the new world, but also stumbled upon a vast supply of a plant called tobacco, which is what a cigar is made from. From this plant, and the artistry needed to create these cigars for the masses, a culture was born. You do not have to be rich to enjoy a nice stogie. But, the best cigars to buy and smoke are usually out of the price range of the average smoker.

A cigar looks powerful in your hand. An after deal smoke with colleagues means it was successful, and you are about to make some moola. Many a game has been played with the older participants using a cigar to keep their mouth moving. Gangsters, both fictitious and real life, have relied on a cigar or two to seal a deal, or bully a rival. Even some people in politics have jumped on the cigar bandwagon and come up with some interesting uses for them. Who knew cigars were so versatile.

Back in the day, it was deliciously taboo for women to smoke tobacco. It was viewed as something very in vogue to do, and often told us a story about the woman who was smoking. She was a strong, headstrong woman who threw caution and societal rules to the wind. This woman did as she pleased, and in wanting to have the same rights and privileges as men, she lit up with the best of them; much to the chagrin of the men who were with them. This was one time when a woman felt truly equal to a man.

Many people have gone to the movies and watched their favorite actors smoking a big stogie, and it made them want to be just like those movie stars. It was cool to be like the famous. There are cafes and restaurants that are dedicated to the sale and enjoyment of a good cigar. These places sell all sorts of brands, from cheap to expensive and often allow you to indulge right there in their space. Movies have glamorized the concept of having a cigar to be hip, cool, and smooth.

People of bigger means sometimes stockpile their collections and use state of the art humidors and temperature controlled rooms to store their favorite stogies. These people search the world for the very best tobacco that they can find, and they take very good care of their possessions.

It has been said that the best tobacco in the world can be found in Cuba. Cuba relies on this resource as their biggest item shipped out of the country. Because the government has a huge say in how the tobacco is grown, crafted, and sold it sometimes can be hard to come by. You can purchase an authentic Cuban cigar at a smoke shop or specialty store, but the really special brands can only be found by people who specialize in procuring rare things.

Cigar smoking is a very social activity. Not often do you witness a solitary person smoking alone. A cigar is a representation of strength, power and the ability to get things done. They are also very trendy, very stylish and smart looking.

Whether you call them a stogie or a big smoke, cigars are in a class all by themselves. Many people smoke them, and in doing so, have made them famously notorious. They have colored our culture and are very versatile, in a social manner of speaking.

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