10 things you don’t need to worry about in 2016

Life is tough, then you die, so please enjoy Arby’s. In the meantime, why worry?

Kidding! We all know there’s plenty to worry about. So as my annual public service, I offer you you 10 things you definitely don’t need to worry about in 2016. This year, as a bonus, I’ve tacked on a report card assessing last year’s predictions.

1. The Dell-EMC merger

Big mergers take time. However, this is a merger of the walking dead in the era of containers, cloud, and cheap SSDs. The next generation of large data centers uses something that looks more like local storage and distributed file systems. If this trend catches on in corporate environments, EMC’s main SAN business is in trouble. With increased reliance on cloud and centralization, there’s less reason to fill stacks of servers in little corporate data centers around the country.

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